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How to Harvest Canola

How to Harvest Canola
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How to harvest Canola

Harvesting Canola is pretty much the same as harvesting wheat and other products. When harvesting Canola it involves three basic parts: a). Preparation b). Harvesting c)Selling

A. Preparation

To prepare the land, you must begin prepping it before planting some seeds. To do this, you will have to loosen up the soil by plowing the land with the use of the cultivator attached to a tractor.

Start by finding the an ideal position on the land. Continue by activating the cultivator by pressing the Activate icon. Once the cultivator is lowered, drive along the land. You may hire an assistant or you may plow the land yourself.

After plowing the land, you may continue lrepping the land by sowing the land with seeds. Attach the sowing header to a tractor, activate the sower, and drive the tractor through your land.

Hire an assistant if you have enough money or you may drive the tractor yourself for savings.

B. Harvesting

One thing to always remember when harvesting is to check if the crop is ready for harvest. To determine that, regularly check the color of your crops--once they turn golden yellow, then that signifies that your crops are ready for harvest.

Another way to check if your crops are ready to harvest is to check the color of the icon on your field on your map--the icon starts out as green then turns to golden yellow once it is ready for harvest.

Note: Crops that are ready for harvest may spoil right away so be sure to harvest them once they are ready sp as not to waste money and resources.

After making sure that your crops are indeed ready to harvest, drive your harvester (with an attached header -- the default header works too), up to one corner of your field. Once you've found your desired position, "activate" your header by lowering the header through the Activate button. When that is done, drive all the way through your field while remembering to drive on a straight line. You may also choose to hire an assistant to do this or you may harvest all your crops alone to save money.

Note: The default harvester does have a grain tank but may not be enough to store all the harvested crops from one field. When the grain tank is filled, the harvester will immediately stop working and shall wait for the harvested crops to be unloaded. To unload the harvester, position your tractor (with a tipper attached) right beside the harvester and wait for the grain pipe to extend to your tipper and unload the harvested crops.

As you wait for your harvester to finish up harvesting the field, you may drive your tractor to your silo to store your harvested crops or you may sell it immediately to a nearby store.

C. Selling

The game offers several places for you to sell your goods (mill, harbor, bakery, station, spinnery, etc.)--and each store offers a different price for each type of crop. To be able to know which store you will sell the crops to, check on each of the store's current buying prices.

One way to do this is to open up your map and tap on the store's icon and check the prices which will be displayed on the right-hand panel of the map. Another way of checking for prices would be to open up the Prices tab by tapping on the hamburger icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Note: The value of crops depend on the frequency of your supply. If you always sell one particular type of crop all the time, chances are, the price of that particular crop will drop soon. Another determining factor of the prices of crops is the chosen game difficulty--the harder the difficulty, the more challenging it will be to find a good price for your crops.

When you have decided which store to sell your crops to, you may drive up to that store or perhaps hire an assistant to drive your tractor all the way there.

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