Farming Simulator 16

Settings and Difficulty Level

Settings and Difficulty Level
Farming Simulator 16 Guide


Difficulty Level

When the game begins, players will immediately be prompted to select which game difficulty they shall choose in order to continue on in the game.The players will be asked to select from among three difficulty levels--easy, medium, and hard.

The difference among the levels shall depend on the ease of earning money along with the starting equipment or resources allowed to you. Once a difficulty setting has been selected, players may no longer change it later on. So be sure to mindful of how serious you would be in terms of playing the game.


As the game provides a non-existent tutorial, it is important for the players to master the controls at the quickest time possible. As discussed in the earlier chapter on controls, that players can use the gyroscope features and the horizontal tilt features or they may not. To determine which type of controls they would want to use, players will have to click on the “hamburger” icon located at the upper right corner of the screen (right beside your map). After this, all they have to do is check or uncheck which controls they would want present in their game.

Aside from the controls, this is also the same place players may read about the game’s built-in manual, which a 23-page guide on the basic tasks involved in growing the farm (controls, farming equipment, etc) One of the most important information the manual provides is the information, along with the graphic display, of the stages of a crop’s growth.

Crops that are ready for harvest can easily rot if left for a long time. Therefore it is crucial to get familiar with their stages of development. The game’s built-in manual provides for this by showing a graphical representation of the different stages of growth of the crops.

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