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Collecting and Selling Wool

Collecting and Selling Wool
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Feeding your Sheep constantly increases their rate of Wool production.

Check on the wool wagon, by the sheep shed, to check how many pallets of wool have been produced. Once the wool wagon is filled, the next step would be to sell the wool to a preferred shop (station, mill, harbor, etc.). As prices vary among the shops, it is best to check the current buying price of a shop.

To check for prices, you may open your map and tap on the store’s icon to check on the prices. Another way to do so would be to open your Prices tab which is located within your settings. Upon reaching the Prices tab, all you have to do is check on the prices of each store.

When you have decided which store to sell the Wool to, all you have to do now is to drive all the way to the store—with your Wool wagon—and sell the Wool. If you do not want to drive all the way there, you may hire an assistant to do the driving for you, for a fee.

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