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Converting Grass to Hay

Converting Grass to Hay
Farming Simulator 16 Guide

To convert Grass into Hay the process involves drying the newly-cut Grass first.

The first step in making Hay is to cut the Grass with your chosen Mower. When cutting the Grass, attach a Mower to your tractor and activate the Mower by lowering it to the ground. Afterward drive through the meadow or hire an assistant to complete the process of cutting the Grass.

After all the Grass has been cut, you will now have to attach a Tedder to a tractor—which will be responsible for drying up the Grass. After drying up the Grass, you may pick up the dried up Grass with your Loading Wagon attached to a Tractor. Once all the dried Grass have been picked up, you may sell it to a chosen Shop. Although selling Hay may not be as profitable as selling Bales.

Making Hay Bales

Note: When deciding to make Hay Bales, the initial investment in the equipment (especially the Balers) must be considered since they are quite pricey. Although it is also important to note that creating Bales is beneficial to feed your animals which will yield a bigger profit through the product they create (Yarn, Milk, Wool, and even Manure).

Hay bales can be used to produce fodder for cows. To begin turning Hay into Hay Bales, the process will only begin once you are done cutting (Mower) and drying up the Grass (Tedder). The next step will involve preparing the dried up Grass into neat rows to make it easy for the Baler to pick up the Bales. For this to happen, you must attach a Windrower onto a Tractor and “activate” it by lowering to the ground. The next step would involve driving around the field to cover the whole land.

Once the whole meadow is done, you will have to attach a Baler to your Tractor, activate it by lowering it to the ground and then drive all the way around the meadow to produce Hay Bales.

These Hay Bales can be collecting using the Arcusin FS 63-72 which is an auto stacker that can load up to 16 Bales.

After collecting the Hay Bale, you may choose to either sell the Hay Bale to the shops or you may proceed to the Feeding Dock of your cow shed.

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