Farming Simulator 16

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode
Farming Simulator 16 Guide


If two heads are better than one then two Tractors on-the-go are definitely better than one too. To maximize working efficiency, it is highly ideal to have several machines working at the same time. Doing so would increase work productivity by covering more land at the same time.

Farming Simulator rewards your efforts in being sociable as it allows you the chance to work alongside your farming buddies. As it is based on a mobile platform, the game allows Bluetooth connection and Wi-fi connection (just like its PC predecessors).

To begin multiplayer mode, you will simply have to select “Multiplayer Mode” from the main screen. To enjoy multiplayer mode, you won’t have to play the game all over again but instead simply pick your save file from among the options available.

As you continue with the game, you will notice a message saying “Client is Connected” once your friend goes online or has successfully connected to your game.

When that is done, all you have to do is communicate with each other to strategize how to produce the best possible output.

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