Farming Simulator 16

How to Harvest Wheat / Grain

How to Harvest Wheat / Grain
Farming Simulator 16 Guide


In the beginning of the game, one of the first crops you will be able to harvest will be Wheat / Grain--among others (corn, sugarbeet, potato). To succeed in harvesting Wheat there will be three basic parts in harvesting Wheat-- a) Plowing (Preparation), b) Harvesting, and c) Selling.

A. Plowing and Sowing (Preparation)

To be able to harvest Wheat, or any crop for that matter, you will have to prep the land first. To do this you will start by loosening up the soil first to have it ready to receive seeds. This process is called plowing. When plowing attach your Cultivator to your tractor and approach the land you wish to plow.

Once you have the desired angle, "activate" your attachment by tapping the Activate button and your cultivator will lower itself to begin plowing the soil.

Once this method begins, you may prefer to hire an assistant (for a fee) or you may choose to drive the tractor yourself. If you do decide to drive it around by yourself, make sure to drive in a straight line to make sure every portion of the land will be covered.

After plowing, you may immediately begin sowing the land with the "Wheat" seed. To start, attach your Sowing Head to your tractor and position yourself on one corner of the land. When you have arrived at your spot, select the Wheat icon to choose what product you will plant. Afterward, "activate" the attached sowing head by lowering it to the ground.

Just like plowing, you may hire an assistant to continue on with sowing the land or you may choose to do it yourself. Just the same, remember to drive in a straight line while sowing the land.

Note: If you have money to spare, it is best if you have two tractors which you may use in preparation of the land--one tractor may be used to cultivate the land while the other may be used to sow the land with your preferred seed.

B. Harvesting

When deciding if your crops are already ready for harvest, make sure to check on their color. To do that, you may check on the crops by visiting them or you may also pull up your map and check the color of the icon of the crop on your field--if it has turned golden yellow, then it means it is ready for harvest.

Note: It is important to check on them all the time since leaving them for a long time may force your crop to perish. One way to know if your crops have died is if it has turned dark brown and if a warning icon appears while you try to harvest it with your harvester.

If you are sure of your crops readiness for a harvest, attach a header to the harvester and position yourself on your desired angle. Once in that spot, "activate" the header by pressing the activate button which will lower the header to the fields.

You may choose to hire an assistant to continue this process or you may harvest the crops yourself. Driving in a straight line is highly recommended for best results.

Note: Check on your harvester all the time while it's harvesting your field since it may fill up quickly. If the grain tank of the harvester is full, it will immediately stop harvesting and will show a Warning icon on top of it. To unload the harvester, position a tractor with a tipper attachment right beside the harvester and it will automatically unload all the grain.

You may choose to put the harvested crop in your Silo or you may proceed to a store and sell it or you may also just wait for your harvester to fill up again.

C. Selling

Once you have all the crops, you may proceed to the nearest store to sell them for a profit. But before doing that, be sure to check on the current buying prices of each store to maximize your profit. To do this, check on the prices tab on your settings menu or you may tap on the icon of the store in your map.

To proceed to the store, you may drive there manually to save money or you may hire an assistant to do so.

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