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Harvesting Grass and Its Other Uses

Harvesting Grass and Its Other Uses
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One of the uses of harvesting Grass is that you can sell the grass as it is or you may use it to feed your sheep. Another thing you may do with collected Grass is to turn it into hay—which is dried grass.

In the beginning, you will be blessed with an available meadow which you may use to cut grass, which will be right beside your Silo. To begin processing Grass, you will need to cut them first with a Mower which you could purchase in the shop. Once you have the Mower, attach it to a tractor and then “activate” the Mower by lowering it to the field of grass. Drive along the meadow with your Mower to cut the Grass. You may hire an assistant to finish up or you may continue mowing the field all by yourself.

After mowing the Grass, you may either pick up the freshly cut Grass or you may simply sell the Grass to a nearby shop. Just take note though that selling Grass may not be as profitable as selling hay bales or perhaps silage.

Selling Grass

To sell Grass, you will have to pick up the cut Grass with a Loading Wagon. Attach the Loading Wagon to a tractor then position yourself at a corner of your meadow. Afterward, “activate” the Loading Wagon and drive along the meadow. Once you have finished picking up all the cut Grass, drive along to a preferred shop to sell the Grass.

Storing Grass or Using it to Feed Sheep

Right after collecting the Grass onto your Loading Wagon you may proceed to the drop-off location for your Sheep’s food and unload the Grass by de-activating the Loading Wagon.

If you shall decide to store it to turn it into silage later on, proceed to the Silo and unload your collected Grass there.

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