Farming Simulator 16

How to Harvest Potatoes

How to Harvest Potatoes
Farming Simulator 16 Guide


Harvesting potatoes follows the basic rule of harvesting, which includes preparation or planting, harvesting, and selling.

A. Preparation

To set up the land you have to begin planting potatoes, start by plowing the field with your cultivator. Plowing (Ploughing) loosens up the soil to allow seeds to be planted. You may use the default cultivator for this. Begin by attaching a cultivator head to your tractor and then position yourself at a desired corner of your field. Plowing may begin as you “activate” the cultivator by lowering it to the ground. When plowing, you may choose to hire an assistant or drive the tractor around yourself.

After plowing the field, you may fertilize your land with accumulated manure. Fertilizing your crops will reward you with twice the amount of money when selling the crops.

When plowing is done, you may begin planting potato seeds across your chosen land. Before planting potato seeds, be sure that you’re using the sow machine named Grimme GL 660. Also, be sure that your sow machine is loaded with enough potato seeds. To begin sowing, position yourself at a corner and then activate the sow machine by lowering it to the ground. Drive in a straight line or hire an assistant to do so for a fee.

B. Harvesting

When harvesting, it is important to know the different stages of your potato’s growth—and determining by the color if it is already ready for harvest. It is important to constantly check on the growth of your harvest since unattended harvest tends to spoil fast.

To know if your potatoes are ready for harvest, check on the color of the potatoes—a golden brown / yellow color field is a good indication of potatoes ready for harvest. You may check on the color of your crops by visiting the field with your tractors and by checking the color of the harvest icon on the map.

Once your crops are all ready for harvest, have the Grimme SE 260 harvester attached to your tractor (this machine is the only machine that is capable of harvesting potatoes). Find a good corner to begin your harvest and then activate the harvester. After that, drive in a straight line across your field or hire an assistant to do so.

Note: The Grimme SE 260 might get full while harvesting. When that happens, the harvester shall automatically stop. To maximize efficiency of your time, be sure to drive a tractor with a trailer right beside the harvester so the load may be emptied.

C. Selling

When selling the potatoes, it is best to check the store which will offer you the best possible price. To check on current prices, you may either 1). Check your map or 2). Check the Price Tab on your menu.

To check the prices through your map, open up your map and tap on the store’s icon to check for the current buying price for your crop. Once you have chosen a store, you may tap on the “wheel” icon below for an assistant to drive you all the way to the store for a price.

You may also simply pull up your manual of Prices from your Settings menu. To do this, tap on the hamburger icon on the upper right corner of the screen and then tap on Prices. Check on the store’s current buying price of your crop. Once you have decided on which store to sell your crops to, you may either drive all the way to the store or perhaps hire an assistant to do so.

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