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Counter Side Salary Negotiation

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Managing your units is an integral part of the game, with their strength having a direct impact on your progress in the game. You can level up your units in Counter Side through the process called Salary Negotiation. In this page, we will quickly cover Salary Negotiation and how to maximize this feature to your advantage.

While your units can earn EXP during combat, the fastest way to level them up is through Salary Negotiation. First, we’ll cover the three types of EXP items called Appraisals that you’ll be using. The amount of EXP and the cost of leveling up will depend on their type/rarity. There are three types of Appraisals so far, as listed below. These can be acquired as mission rewards,
* Appraisal
* High Appraisal
* Special Appraisal

You can perform Salary Negotiations from the CEO’s Office. You can access it via the menu and tapping the button there. In the Salary Negotiation screen, select the unit you want to level up. Next, select the EXP items that you want to use. You can combine different EXP item types. As you add more EXP items, the EXP gauge will fill up and the unit’s resulting level after consuming said EXP items. As you add more of them, the higher the cost will be but the more EXP your unit will get.
Counter Side Salary Negotiation

Take note of the unit’s max level as well. You can only level up a unit to a certain level or level cap; to level up the unit more, you’ll need to make them go through a Limit Break (via the Lab facility). This will increase their level cap and allow you to increase their levels even further.

After that, there will be another phase of the process called the final negotiation. Here you can haggle with the employee whether you’ll want to pay more or less for certain buffs such as increased Loyalty gain or higher chance to trigger the Great Success buff, which increases the final EXP obtained by the employee. There are three options available, as listed below. You can also cancel the negotiation by tapping the “Nevermind. You may leave now” button at the bottom of the screen.
Counter Side Salary Negotiation

Offer 30% More
* You’ll pay 30% more credits to finalize the negotiation.
* The employee will earn 50% more loyalty.
* Great Success Chance is 60%.

Offer as is
* Credit cost and loyalty gain is set to default.
* Great Success Chance is 20%.

Appeal to Passion
* Credit cost -10%
* No loyalty obtained.
* No Great Success rate.

We recommend not hesitating to offer 30% more to the units that you’ll be using permanently to boost their loyalty gain faster and for a chance to give them more EXP - especially to specific units that you want to sign up for a Lifetime Contract.
Counter Side Salary Negotiation

As you can see, leveling up your units is quite straightforward. The limiting factors that will prevent you from power-leveling your units is the exorbitant credit cost of increasing the levels, especially when you hit around the LV70 mark, and your stock of Appraisals. (EXP items) Nevertheless, you’ll still need to level up your units almost equally since you’ll need 2 or 3 other squads to clear the later missions of the game.

This concludes our quick guide about Counter:Side’s Salary Negotiation system. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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