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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. The game’s roster has several characters and units that fill different roles in the squad. In our Counter Side Supporter Tier List, we will list down some of the high tier choices for the Supporter role.

Disclaimer: Tier Lists are not meant to be a standard or something that will dictate your squad-building experience to the point that it will sap your enjoyment of the game. Use Tier Lists as a guide (as it is intended to be). The characters in our tier list are arranged based on our own opinions and what the other players think as well. Our recommendation is to follow your preference and build your squad based on your favorite units, as long as you make it work and it gives you satisfaction.

Instead of listing down all units, we will list down the top S-tier and A-tier units so you’ll know which ones are the top Supporter picks. Supporters are the squad’s support units, providing much needed buffs, healing, and other beneficial effects that can help your team in battle. Don’t be fooled though; while combat is not their specialty, supporters can still attack enemies to help deal damage and defend themselves. They don’t have strengths or weaknesses against certain roles yet having at least one supporter in your squad can make a huge difference in your team’s overall combat strength and survivability.

Yang Harim

Supporter Tier List

Yang Harim is the top tier supporter in the game because of the outstanding amount of utility she brings to the table. She spam debuffs on enemies and buffs her allies in quick intervals. Her basic attack deals AoE damage but thanks to her passive skill, enemies hit will get a 10% ATK debuff for 5 seconds. At skill lv5, enemies will also get their attack speed reduced by 10%.

Yang’s special skill creates a barrier equal to 15% of her Hp to nearby allies, while also giving them skill haste 20% for 10 seconds. At skill lv5, that skill haste effect goes up to 40% instead. Finally, Yang’s ultimate skill inflicts AoE damage to enemies while boosting her allies’ ATK by 20% for 15s, and decreases enemies’ skill haste by 20% for 15s. At skill lv5, all allies HP will also be healed by 20% (excluding Yang).

Nanahara Chinatsu

Supporter Tier List

Nanahara Chinatsu is a great late-battle support. Her utility greatly increases once she gets the bonus effects of her skills at skill lv5. Her passive skill gives a 15% DMG reduction to all her allies for a few seconds after she gets deployed. At skill lv5, this passive skill increases the DMG reduction by 25% instead. Her special skill inflicts AoE damage to enemies within range while also restoring 15% of her allies HP. This skill can also be spammed as the skill level increases, cutting down the cooldown to 14 seconds at skill lv5. Finally, her ultimate skill damages all enemies within range while restoring 30% HP for all allies (except herself.). This skill also debuffs affected enemies, lowering their ASPD (attack speed) by 15% for a few seconds. At skill level 5, she’ll also boost her allies’ ATK by 20% for the same duration.

Lee Jisoo

Supporter Tier List

Lee Jisoo is an Awakened Supporter and opposes the pre-conceived notion of a supporter’s role. Normally, supporters stay at the back but in Lee Jisoo’s case, she’ll head to the frontline and provide various debuffs against enemies. All her attacks deal AoE damage as well, making her an ideal option for crowd control as well.

Her passive skill reduces the amount of HP recovered by enemies through healing by 75%, while also decreasing the ASPD (attack speed) of enemy rangers, strikers, and snipers by 15%. At skill level 5, the ASPD debuff is increased to -25% instead. Her special skill debuffs the ATK of affected enemies by 20%, with its cooldown that can be lowered to 16s at skill level 5. Finally, her ultimate skill deals AoE damage while also removes all the affected targets’ non-permanent buffs and prevents new buffs from getting applied to them for 15 seconds. If any of the debuffed enemies die, her DEF increases by 10% up to a maximum of 50%. At skill level 5, the ult’s duration will last 45s and will be able to cancel enemies’ permanent buffs as well.

Evelyn Keller

Supporter Tier List

Evelyn is a very reliable flying support unit. She’s also an SR, making it easier to build her. All her attack skills deal AoE damage while also providing consistent healing. Her passive skill restores the HP of surrounding allies by 2% for every 3rd basic attack. At skill level 5, the passive effect’s range increases by 50%, allowing more allies to be healed while she’s auto-attacking. Next, her special skill deals AoE damage to enemies in front while allies within the AoE field heals 25% of their HP for a few seconds. At skill level 5, allies within Evelyn’s healing field get a DMG reduction buff as well. Finally, her ultimate skill restores the HP of all her allies (except herself) by 30% while inflicting AoE damage to enemies. At skill level 5, all allies will also gain a 10% ATK boost (except Evelyn again).

Arius Esquede

Supporter Tier List

Arius is a straightforward support unit that can both heal and provide shields to her allies. Her passive skill only activates upon her deployment which restores 10% of all allies’ HP. At skill level 5, this also provides allies with a 10% DMG reduction buff upon her deployment. Her special skill deals AoE damage to enemies while also knocking them backward. The skill also applies a barrier equal to 15% of her max HP to all allies. At skill level 5, this special skill also restores 5% of the HP of all allies within range. Finally, Arius’ ultimate skill heals all allies HP by 25% while also giving them a barrier equal to 15% of their max HP. At skill lv5, this skill heals all allies’ HP by 33% instead.

This concludes our Counter:Side Supporter Tier List. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.
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