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What is a Counter Pass

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. While the game is F2P-friendly, players who spend will always have an edge over the pure F2P players. In this page, we will discuss the game’s battle pass system called Counter Pass, and if it’s a good value for your money - regardless if you’re a whale or a small-time spender.

Counter Side is F2P-friendly. As long as you play daily, complete missions, participate in events, and other tasks, you’ll be greatly rewarded. Of course since this is also a mobile game, it should be expected that paying players will have some considerable incentives here and there. That’s where Counter Side’s “Counter Pass” comes in. You can access the Counter Pass by tapping its icon in the lower-left corner of the Lobby screen.

If you have played other gacha games, you may have probably encountered a feature called Battle Pass. Basically, this is a set of tasks within a set period that will allow you to earn Counter Pass EXP. After collecting enough EXP, your pass level will increase as well. You’ll earn the corresponding item(s) after leveling up. These tasks are usually tied to your daily missions so you don’t really need to waste time completing specific tasks.

For the Counter Pass’ daily mission, you only have to complete any 6 tasks listed, each worth 150 CPE. After completing all 6 tasks, you can claim the additional 200 CPE. A similar calculation is applied for the weekly missions. You’ll need to clear at least 10 different tasks, each worth 250 CPE. Completing the required 10 tasks will give you a bonus 500 CPE for the week. After collecting at least 1000 CPE, your pass level will increase. Tap on the Pass Reward tab to claim the available rewards.
What is a Counter Pass

Now when claiming rewards, you’ll notice two columns; the Special Plan and Normal Plan. Normal plan is available for all players, including F2P. However, the Special Plan is locked behind a paywall, and understandably so. The rewards behind the Special Plan are really valuable, including an exclusive SSR Counter (Eins and Zwei). Players who avail the Special Plan will be able to collect the rewards from the two columns for every level up. To get all rewards, you’ll need to reach LV50. The special plan also comes along with two variants: the “normal” special plan, or the “boosted” special plan, which gives all the benefits of the normal SP but will come along with a +15 Counter Pass level. That means you’ll be able to instantly collect 15 levels worth of rewards from the day you purchased the SP +15 Levels variant.
What is a Counter Pass

The Special Plan can’t be bought directly with money. You’ll need a premium resource called Admin Coins. Now these coins can only be bought with real money, and the amount you can purchase will be either limited by your spending habit and the monthly in-game limitations for purchases.
What is a Counter Pass

So, is getting a Counter Pass special plan really worth it? Naturally, this can only be answered by you. If money is not an issue, then yes - getting a Special Plan is worth it and will allow you to conveniently make progress in the game. If you’re a small spender, it is better to consider whether you really want the exclusive unit or not. Nevertheless, F2P players are not entirely left out of the loop since they’ll still get something from the normal plan. Higher Counter Pass levels even have great rewards as well, as long as you play regularly.

This concludes our quick guide about Counter:Side’s Counter Pass system. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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