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Counter Side World Map Basics Guide

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Counter Side World Map Basics Guide

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. The World Map is a separate mode where you can establish several company branches around the world. In our Counter World Map Basics guide, we will discuss how to manage your branches and what activities you can do to maximize the benefits of this feature.

What is a World Map

The World Map is a separate mode where you can establish several company branches around the world. The higher your company level, the more branches you can establish. Alternatively, you can also spend a large amount of quartz to open new branches even before reaching the required company level. It doesn’t matter which branches you open! Take note however, that the required company level or required amount of quartz will increase as well as you open more branches.
Counter Side World Map Basics Guide
Counter Side World Map Basics Guide

Branch Manager

From the established branches, you can dispatch squads or assigned branch managers on timed missions to earn rewards. The assigned Branch Manager’s level will affect the level of dispatch missions that will be performed while the branch’s level will determine the level of the missions that will become available at the branch. There are two types of dispatch missions:
* Office Missions - This is undertaken by the Branch Manager themselves. The branch manager will earn EXP alone for completing the office mission.
* Other Missions - These are other dispatch missions that will require an entire squad. Squads that you’ve sent for dispatch will also earn EXP so try to create underdog squads composed of units that you plan on building later on to serve as exclusive dispatch squads. The higher the branch manager’s level, the higher chance that a Great Success might trigger.

There’s no cost to sending them out for dispatch so take advantage of this especially if you’re not actively playing for the day. There are three dispatch mission durations available: 1HR, 4HRS, and 8HRS. The longer the duration, the higher the reward amount you’ll get.
Counter Side World Map Basics Guide

Branch EXP and Facilities

As you complete dispatch missions, your branch also earns EXP. Once enough EXP has been earned, the branch will level up and you’ll earn a Facility Point. This point is used to build new facilities or upgrade existing ones. Increasing a branch’s level unlocks new facilities and allows you to upgrade the existing facilities. Facilities will have different buffs that will affect other branch-related activities.
Counter Side World Map Basics Guide

There are two facility equipment called Amplifiers. The Phase Coordinates Amplifier increases the occurring Raids’ levels while Spatial Coordinate Amplifier increases the levels of available Dive levels. Building these facilities won’t cost you a facility point and upgrading them will only cost you money.

World Map Events

Aside from World Dispatch missions, your personnel may uncover Raids and Dives. Raids are limited-time events where you have to fight a powerful boss that will require a lot of units. It is possible to go solo and defeat raid bosses on your own depending on the raid boss’ level and the strength of your own characters. Since this is a raid, it’s possible to seek assistance from your friends and guild mates. Raid bosses drop exclusive rewards that you can’t get anywhere else. Limited dives are basically the same as normal dives; you can automatically send your squads to clear them quickly.
Counter Side World Map Basics Guide

Dive Exploration

Diving is a separate mode available only in the world map where you can send your squads to explore the Counterside. The deeper you dive, the more squads you’ll need and the more formidable the enemies become. Unlike normal missions, diving will not require Eternium. Instead, you’ll be using Info resources. The amount needed will depend on the depth and coordinates.

Dive exploration consists of over 40 increasingly difficult sets of coordinates (stages). You’ll obtain a First Clear reward after clearing a set of coordinates. Cleared coordinates cannot be entered again. Clear the corruption core during a dive and you’ll earn Imaginary Cores. This resource can be exchanged for various goods in the Dive Shop.

While diving, your team will collect different kinds of artifacts. These are temporary items that will provide various effects to your squads. You can only get one artifact from one of the three displayed artifacts. The selected artifact will last until the end of the dive. After completing a dive, these artifacts are returned to the administration and converted into credits.
Counter Side World Map Basics Guide

This concludes our Counter Side World Map Basics guide. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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