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Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Combat is an integral part of the game as clearing stages and challenges are the main source of rewards and other materials needed to progress in the game. In order to tackle the game’s contents, you’ll need units to form your combat squads. In this page, we’ll discuss how the game’s Recruitment system works, how to properly manage your resources, and which characters you should prioritize getting.

Character Recruitment in Counter Side is gacha-based, meaning the units you’ll get will be random. If this is your first mobile game that uses the gacha mechanic, think of it as a lottery. You spend your money (resources/currency) in hopes of winning (getting a SSR unit). Units in the game are not made equal. They’ll have varying strengths and combat capability depending on their rarity or grade. The unit grades (starting from lowest to highest) are Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR).

Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide

There’s also Classified Recruitment characters that can only be recruited using a different currency. While Classified characters are still SSRs, they are incredibly rare because of the different currency needed for recruiting them. (More about that later)

Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide

Obviously, SSR units are highly desirable because of their powerful skills, higher base/starting stats, and other factors that set them apart from the other grades. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to create squads exclusively made up of SSRs. Just remember that lower-grade units are not entirely useless. They can be included in your squads as fillers or support for your main units.

Beginner Recruitment

For new players, you’ll be given 10 free recruitment chances after completing the tutorial. You’re guaranteed to get 1 SSR, 3 SR, 3R and 3N characters. (New event characters are not included) This beginner 10-pull comes along with 30 free re-roll attempts. This means that if you don’t like the random set of 10 characters given to you, you can re-roll for free up to 30 times, until you’re satisfied with your pull. Take note that you can’t go back to the previous rolls so you really need to be careful.

Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide

Your decision should primarily rely on the SSR you’ll get - be it for the meta or simply for waifu or aesthetic purposes. For example, for beginners, Kyle Wong is highly recommended since he’ll help your squad to easily clear earlier PvE content. Other great starter SSRs you can consider are Esterosa, Xiao, Elizabeth, Chinatsu, and Chifuyu to name a few. Avoid choosing Seo Yoon for your beginner pulls. She’s a decent SSR but since she’ll be given as a free SSR unit at the end of Chapter 1, it’s better to get another SSR instead to add to your squad. Remember that this is your game so even if you don’t think you’ll like the other characters that come along with your beginner roll, just roll with them and continue doing normal recruitment until you slowly build the ideal squad according to your tastes.

Normal Recruitment

As mentioned above, Counter Side’s Recruitment system is gacha-based and the units you’ll get will be entirely random. Here’s the probability rate of units based on rarity:

* SSR - 3.5%

* SR - 15%

* R - 39%

* N - 42.5%

Limited character banners, event banners, and permanent banners can be found here. You’ll need 1 Employment Contract for every pull attempt. This can be earned from Dispatch Missions and Mission Rewards. You can also buy them via the Quartz and Gauntlet Shops. After all Employment Contracts have been consumed, you can use Quartz instead at a rate of 150 Quartz per pull. For every pull as well, you’ll get Task Planet points, which you can use to purchase different items from the Planet Mall. You can access this shop via the shortcut in the lower-left corner of the Recruit screen.

Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide

You'll get a free draw daily as part of the game's daily reset (reset occurs at 4:00 AM GMT+8)

There are favored unit banners that will be up for a limited time. The featured unit will have an increased rate of appearance, as shown below. Once the limited banner period expires, the favored character will be added to the Recruit on Demand (permanent) banner afterward. The game also has a pity system called Ensured Recruitment. This means that you’ll obtain the featured unit before reaching 150 counts. Once you acquire the featured unit, the counter will reset.

Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide

Classified Recruitment

Classified Recruitment is a limited banner featuring special SSR characters that you can’t get in the normal recruitment pool. Usually, these characters are very powerful and very desirable. Unlike normal recruitment, you can’t use Employment Contracts for your pull attempts in this banner. Instead, you’ll need Classified Employment Contracts or Admin Coins. Admin coins are premium currency that can only be purchased by real money in the Shop. It costs 300 admin coins per pull attempt.

Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide

Classified Employment Contracts on the other hand, can be purchased using real money or using Quartz. This is a bit more accessible to F2P players since Quartz can be stocked by completing missions and daily tasks. Like normal recruitment, this banner will have an Ensured Recruitment or pity system enabled as well. The pity count for Classified Recruitment will not expire even after the period expires.

This concludes our Counter:Side Recruitment guide. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.
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