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Counter Side Ship Basics Guide

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Counter Side Ship Basics Guide

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Aside from individual units that you have to put in your squad, you also need to pay attention to your squad’s assigned ship. In our Counter Side Ship Basics guide, we will discuss the ships’ various roles and features and why you shouldn’t ignore their value in battle.

A ship is required and assigned to each squad. Ships act as a transport which brings your unit across the Battlefield. There are four types of ships that you can choose from: Assault Ship, Cruiser, Auxiliary Ship, and Armored Ship. Each ship has its own movement range that will define its range when moving in a battlefield. Only an assault ship can be placed on an Assault Point tile in the battlefield. Any ship type can be placed on Landing Point tiles.

Counter Side Ship Basics Guide

During battle, the green HP bar on the left side of the screen represents your ship’s HP. Your ship can get attacked during an active battle and if it is destroyed, you’ll lose the battle. To protect your ship, you’ll need to either have some sturdy Defenders to take the aggro and stop the enemies from their tracks or have powerful damagers wiping out the opposition before they can even get near. If the enemy has a siege unit, prioritize taking it out first before it gets near and deals massive damage to your ship.

Counter Side Ship Basics Guide

Ships also have active skills that can be activated during battle. These skills will vary per ship. If auto-battle is enabled, the ship skills will be automatically activated as soon as their cooldown ends. A ship can have up to three skills. These skills can be upgraded whenever you remodel a ship (similar to Limit Break for units). A ship can even unlock new skills after getting remodeled several times.

Counter Side Ship Basics Guide

You’re free to swap ships between your squads but you can’t deploy a squad without a ship. You can construct new and better ships in your company’s Hangar through Ship Construction and improve your existing ships through Ship Service. Both processes will require credits and materials so please check our individual pages for both features.

When assigning a ship to a squad, make sure to take note of the ship’s passive effect. Some ships provide buffs to specific unit types, while others provide buffs to any unit. If a ship you’ll assign to a squad caters mainly to specific unit types, try forming a squad with unit types that will benefit from the ship’s effect. For example, the Gleipnir’s passive skill significantly increases the ATK of ally Counters on the field. Forming a squad made up of counters only will allow them to heavily benefit from the ship’s passive.

Counter Side Ship Basics Guide

This concludes our Counter Side Ship Basics guide. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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