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Siege and Tower Tier List

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. The game’s roster has several characters and units that fill different roles in the squad. In our Counter Side Siege and Tower Tier List, we will list down some of the high tier choices for the Siege and Tower roles.

Disclaimer: Tier Lists are not meant to be a standard or something that will dictate your squad-building experience to the point that it will sap your enjoyment of the game. Use Tier Lists as a guide (as it is intended to be). The characters in our tier list are arranged based on our own opinions and what the other players think as well. Our recommendation is to follow your preference and build your squad based on your favorite units, as long as you make it work and it gives you satisfaction.

Instead of listing down all units, we will list down the top S-tier and A-tier units so you’ll know which ones are the top Siege and Tower picks. There are only a handful of Siege and Tower units so we’ll just rank them together. Furthermore, there are literally a few select units that are considerable picks for these roles. Tower units are stationary but will provide various combat capabilities. Siege units are designed to attack bosses directly. Thankfully, they can attack nearby enemies if there are no bosses present, unless this is specifically prevented by their passive skill (like the Rhino).

Maria Antonov
Siege and Tower Tier List
One of the newer tower units, Maria’s deployment on the field can become a game changer, especially when she’s properly built. She’s a top tier tower that can immensely help your squad in PvE, PvP, and Raids. First, her passive skill permanently increases all allied units ATK by 10% (including her) as long as she’s on the field. The ATK buff and her HP increases at skill lv2 to lv4. At skill lv5, she’ll also provide a 20% Crit DMG buff on top of the ATK buff to all allies. Her special skill allies her to bombard the entire field. Finally, her ultimate skill allows her to summon additional mech units with 70% of the stats of their original units. At skill lv5, she’ll summon ATL-1 Lincoln and ATF-35 Thunderbolt units instead of the Hound and Buzzard types.

Choi Ina
Siege and Tower Tier List
Choi Ina only has three skills but all of them are quite useful to any squad she’ll be part of. She doesn’t attack enemies, will be deployed near the squad’s ship, and will stay there for the duration of the battle. Her basic skill involves increasing her Skill Haste by 30% for 6s every 10s. This can be increased further to 50% at skill lv5. For her passive skill, her basic skill will increase her skill haste by 6% every time they’re activated, up to 30%. At skill lv5, she’ll give a Deployment Resource for every 3rd basic skill activation. Finally, her special skill doesn’t damage enemies but will buff the closest ground unit in front, granting them immunity to hitstun (from special or lower skills) while also increasing their ATK by 15%. At skill lv5, this buff also gives the buffed unit skill haste +20% while improving the hitstun immunity against ultimate skills as well.

Siege and Tower Tier List
As a siege unit, Lumi will head straight to the boss or enemy ship quite quickly. This makes her an easy target so expect her to get pummeled immediately especially if you deployed her too early in the battle. It’s recommended to set her to get deployed in the later portion of the battle, once you have other allied units, or even better, supporter units on the field so she can survive long enough to use her abilities to the fullest.

Her passive skill allows her to deal AoE damage within a 3m radius of her landing point upon deployment. Leveling up this skill will give DMG reduction bonuses and increased valid targets. Her special skill makes use of her launcher’s recoil to leap over the enemy boss or ship and deal an additional knockback attack upon landing. Increase this skill’s level to reduce the cooldown and provide Lumi a 25% DMG reduction buff for 10 seconds after activating it. Finally, for her ultimate skill, Lumi summons her automated monster truck that knocks back enemies and charges at the enemy ship or boss until the truck is destroyed. The truck also attacks automatically, making it lose 35% of its HP with each attack. Leveling up this skill reduces the cooldown timer and at skill lv5, the truck loses 25% HP with each attack instead.

This concludes our Counter:Side Siege and Tower Tier List. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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