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How to Level Up Skills

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Managing your units is an integral part of the game, with their strength having a direct impact on your progress in the game. In our Counter Side Skill Level Up guide, we will discuss how to level up your units’ skills.

What are Skills in Counter Side

Counter Side boasts a lot of characters, each with their own set of skills that they can use in combat. There are different types of skills: Basic, Passive, Special, and Ultimate.
Skill Type
Basic Skills
These are the normal attacks performed by the unit while on the battlefield. This may be a single target or deals AoE (area-of-effect) damage.
Passive Skills
This is the unit’s unique ability and will get triggered usually as soon as the unit enters the battlefield.
Special Skills
These skills allow the unit to unleash a powerful attack which will trigger a cooldown. Once the CD has ended, the unit will be able to use the special attack again.
Ultimate Skills
Ultimate Skills are the Counter-type unit’s most powerful skill. Its effects depend on the unit-type using it but will usually inflict massive AoE damage and/or debuffs on enemies. This can only be unleashed once a unit fills the skill’s gauge while on the field.

How to Level Up Skills

Skills play a vital role in combat and sometimes, what defines a unit’s importance in the field. Leveling up these skills further increases their effectiveness. Each skill can be increased up to LV5, in which they’ll obtain additional effects. Additionally, the max level of a unit’s skills are directly proportional on how many times they were limit-broken. That said, only a unit that’s fully limit-broken will be able to max out their skill levels.
How to Level Up Skills

The skills a unit may possess will depend on their type. For example, a Counter-type unit will have access to all four skill types while Mech units may have 1 basic and 2 passive skills. There are also certain skill assignments unique to certain characters. For example, Choi Ina (Tower) and Han Sorim (Ranger) are both Soldier-type units. However, Choi Ina only has 1 basic, 1 passive, and 1 special skill while Han Sorim has 1 basic, 2 passives, and 1 special skill instead.
How to Level Up Skills

Skill Training

To level up a unit’s skill(s), you must undergo Skill Training. This is done by accessing the Lab option from the main menu and selecting Skill Training. You’ll need two consumable items to level up a unit’s skill: Training Data and Info. There are two types of Training Data that you’ll need.
Skill Type
Basic Training Data
This is the yellow folder. This is needed to raise the skill’s level up to LV3.
Prime Training Data
This is the red folder that’s needed to raise the skill’s level up to LV5.

As the skill’s level increases, you’ll need to consume more training data and info in order to reach the next level. The amount of training data and info will also depend on the unit’s rarity. For example, a N unit will only require 3 Basic Training Data and 20 Info to level up her basic skill from LV2 to LV3. A SSR unit will require 10 BTD and 100 Info to raise a skill on the same level. Please refer to our dedicated pages to know where you can obtain more Training Data and Info.
How to Level Up Skills

While Training Data and Info are both farmable materials, don’t just carelessly level up any unit you come across. Prioritize using them on the units you’ll be using often, even more so, on your favorite units. The additional effects applied to LV5 skills are quite powerful and useful so they can become game-changers.

This concludes our guide about leveling up skills in Counter:Side. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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