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Counter Side Lifetime Contract

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Managing your units is an integral part of the game, with their strength having a direct impact on your progress in the game. In our Counter Side Lifetime Contract guide, we will discuss how you can have a much intimate connection to your favorite employee(s) through this system.

What is a Lifetime Contract?

A Lifetime Contract is akin to the marriage/vow system of other games where you’ll have a more intimate connection to your chosen unit. Aside from putting the chosen unit on the pedestal, the unit will also obtain permanent buffs as listed below:

* All stats +2% activated at the Max Loyalty will never disappear.

* No loyalty loss

* 20% Bonus EXP

* Exclusive Voicelines

Counter Side Lifetime Contract

How to Apply a Lifetime Contract

You can only give a Lifetime Contract to an employee with max loyalty. A unit earns loyalty by winning battles or paying them more during Salary Negotiations. Once you have a character with max loyalty, you’ll need a Lifetime Contract item. (See below to learn how to get these items) Once ready, head to your HQ (or select the CEO’s Office option directly from the main menu) then tap the Lifetime Contract button. Select the unit you want to hire permanently, then press Enter Contract in the lower-right corner.

A cutscene will trigger and you’ll have one final confirmation whether you’ll want to have a lifetime contract with the unit. Take note that the lifetime contract will only become permanently activated after stamping your signature during this scene. Once done, the bonus effects of the lifetime contract status will be instantly applied to the unit.

Counter Side Lifetime Contract

How to get Lifetime Contracts

As mentioned before, Lifetime Contracts are considered rare resources and will only be available to you in very limited numbers at a time. Here are the sources where you can obtain Lifetime Contracts.

* Buy the Lifetime Contract Special Package to get 3 Lifetime Contracts for 450 Admin Coins

* Buy it for 450 Quartz in the Shop > Exchange Center (There seems to be no limit)

* Purchase using Ownerless Business Cards in the Business Card tab of the Exchange Center. (1 pc per month)

Counter Side Lifetime Contract

If you’re an F2P player, then buying these contracts using Quartz and Ownerless Business Cards is the way to go. The buffs for this special status is really well-worth it but due to the tedious nature of building up loyalty per unit and the high value of the Lifetime Contract, I can only suggest to prioritize a handful of your most preferred employees and give them the lifetime contract. Of course, since the game’s roster is made up of a lot of interesting and attractive characters, you’ll have your favorite or two that you’ll want to employ permanently.

This concludes our guide about using the Lifetime Contract on your chosen employee in Counter:Side. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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