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Here are an assortment of the best Counter: Side tips and tricks that we could think of. If you need more in-depth info, then check out our Counter: Side Guides, where you can find loads of content to help you get started in the game and some really cool Tier Lists to find out who we think are the best characters in the game. Also check out our Counter: Side Answers where you can show off your game knowledge and ask your own questions too.

Counter: Side Tips and Tricks

Use the free Company Buff Ticket!
As soon as you start the game, you’ll receive a Company Buff ticket. Use it from your inventory to trigger a week-long buff that increases your EXP and Gold gain by 20%. To maximize its effects, grind heavily (and responsibly) during the buff period.

Keep rerolling until you get a top-tier SSR unit!
For new players, you’ll be given 10 free recruitment chances after completing the tutorial. You’re guaranteed to get 1 SSR, 3 SR, 3R and 3N characters. (New event characters are not included) This beginner 10-pull comes along with 30 free re-roll attempts. This means that if you don’t like the random set of 10 characters given to you, you can re-roll for free up to 30 times, until you’re satisfied with your pull. Take note that you can’t go back to the previous rolls so you really need to be careful. For more information about rerolling, please check out our dedicated page!
How to Reroll in Counter: Side

Bind your account after rerolling!
Binding your account is very straightforward and completely necessary especially if you’re planning to play the game regularly. Binding your account makes it permanently tied to your chosen social media platform or email add. This ensures that your account is protected and retrievable in case you lose your device or if you have to move to another device. You’ll only need to bind your account once you’re done rerolling. For more information about account binding, please check out our dedicated page.
How to Link or Bind Your Account

Focus on Progressing in PvE
The game has a lot of content to offer. However, to tackle higher-difficulty challenges, you’ll need a lot of resources to slowly build your squads and strengthen your units. That said, focus on clearing the Main Stream (main story) missions up to Chapter 4. This is because you’ll want to reach Free Contracts stage 3-3-3 which will allow you to farm for resources for T5 gear and a considerable amount of credits (around 60K per run).

Save your Premium Currency!
Quartz is a premium currency. You’ll get a lot of it through coupons, beginner rewards, achievements, and other tasks but remember that it’s not infinite. If you’re an F2P player, hold on to your quartz as much as possible but you can consider using them for the following:

* Buying classified employment contracts (for pulling in Awakened unit banners

* Buying skins (not all skins can be purchased with quartz). This is only worth it if you’re going to equip it on a character that you’re really fond of. Take note that skins don't provide stat boosts either.

* Expanding unit slots

* Expanding ship slots

* Expanding gear slots

On the other hand, we also suggest saving up the Task Planet points you’ll earn from every pull. SSR Operator units are expected to be introduced later in the game which can only be bought using 3,000 planet points so don’t use up your planet points for buying extra Employment Contracts.

Normandy and Gleipnir
The Normandy is one of the most accessible ships early on and should be leveled up. You’ll want this ship because of its high mobility range, allowing it to move several grids to attack or provide support to your other squads - especially to specific missions that have challenges related to the number of supports provided. Later on, you’ll also get a free SR cruiser called the Gleipnir. This can be obtained by unlocking two Branches in the world map. To claim it, you’ll need to open the ticket from your inventory. Keep using these ships until you’re able to build SSR ships.

Daily Tasks

Here are some of the recommended tasks that you should try doing daily, especially if you want to progress through the game.

1. Complete all Simulations. There are only three types, with two attempts each daily. This is going to be your daily source of limit break materials, level up materials, and credits.

2. Complete daily Missions and Counter Pass tasks.

3. Spend Eternium and clear special story stages with character shards.

4. Get Daily Support Funds. This is divided into two parts: collect 2000 Eternium from 6AM-2PM, while the Evening Funds start from 3PM-12AM. Once you’ve collected the two parts, you’ll be able to collect the Support Funds Box that contains 50,000 credits and 800 Info. If you missed getting one part, you won’t be able to collect the Support Fund Box.

5. Check the Today’s Deal section of the Shop and try to buy the Employment Contracts that can be purchased using credits. It’s quite pricey but it’s worth it.

6. Do the daily PvP.

7. Check your daily dispatch missions in your HQ.

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