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Counter Side Ship Construction

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Ships play a vital role in combat. Not only do they act as your squads’ transport, but they also provide support in combat thanks to their passive and active skills. In our Counter Side Ship Construction guide, we will discuss how you can construct new and better ships for your squads.

In the Hangar, you’ll be able to construct various ships to add to your collection. Having at least three usable/interchangeable ships is recommended, especially an assault ship assigned to your main team to spearhead the attack on the battlefield. Of course, not all ships are made equal. Thankfully, there’s a preview of skills for all available ships before you construct them. Deciding on what ship you’ll want to eventually construct as early as possible will help you streamline and focus on the materials. Higher-tier ships will also require main story progression or constructing a prerequisite ship before you can construct them. As you continue with the game, check out the Ship Construction option every now and then to check if there are new ships available for construction.
Counter Side Ship Construction

The Normandy is one of the most accessible ships early on and should be leveled up. You’ll want this ship because of its high mobility range, allowing it to move several grids to attack or provide support to your other squads - especially to specific missions that have challenges related to the number of supports provided.

Later on, you’ll also get a free SR cruiser called the Gleipnir. This ship has really useful skills, especially the attack buff it provides to counter-type units. This ship can be obtained by completing the mission that will require you to unlock two Branches in the world map. To claim it, you’ll need to open the ticket from your inventory. Keep using these ships until you’re able to build SSR ships.
Counter Side Ship Construction

For your third ship, you can keep upgrading the default assault ship, the Coffin. Alternatively, you can craft a R-ship like the Stellar or Gamechanger for your fourth squad if you have any. Maintaining several ships can be costly so focus on your first two ships at least to help you clear content as you farm for more materials for your other ships or better ships.
Counter Side Ship Construction

Ship construction will require credits and 3 more ship materials. You can just tap and hold the material to display a tooltip describing the material and where you can get it. Here are some of the common sources where you can get various ship components:
* Reward from successful Dives
* Sold at Dive Shops (Exchange Center). Imaginary Core is the currency used for that shop. You have to make successful dives to earn more ICs.
* Exchange at Event Shops using event-exclusive (and limited) currency
* Purchase directly using quartz via Quartz Shop (Exchange Center)
* Supply Operations: 02 - Investigation Activities - Ship Material (1-2), Prime Ship Material (1-6)
* Supply Operations: 05 - Covert Ops - Loot [Ship Component] (1-2, 1-5)
* Gear Crafting > Supplies: Convert Normal Ship Schematics to Special Ship Schematics
* Ship schematics can be obtained from dismantling ships.

Additional Notes:
* Normal Ship Schematics are used to construct N and R grade ships.
* Special Ship Schematics are used to construct SR and SSR grade ships
Counter Side Ship Construction

This concludes our Counter Side Ship Construction guide. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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