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How to get More Employment Contracts

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How to get More Employment Contracts

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. In order to tackle the game’s contents, you’ll need to recruit additional units to form your ideal squads. In this page, we’ll discuss how to obtain more Employment Contracts which are needed to recruit new units to your company.

Employment Contracts are basically your Gacha resource needed to “pull” for new units in the Recruitment banner. Each Employment Contract is equal to 1 pull/ unit. As we have explained in our Counter Side Character Recruitment Guide, the rarity of the unit you’ll get will be based entirely on your luck. During your recruitment attempts, the Emp. Contracts will be used first. Once they’ve run out, you can still continue pulling using quartz, at 150 quartz per pull attempt.
How to get More Employment Contracts

Employment contracts can be obtained from the following sources:
* Complete the “Overseas Business Trip” daily mission.
* Reach 170 points for the Weekly Mission.
* Obtained as World Dispatch rewards (specific dispatch missions only)
* Exchange Planet Points for 5 Emp Contracts weekly.
* Exchange gauntlet points in the Exchange.
* Purchase from the Shop’s daily deals. (2 Emp Contracts for 180,000)
* Miscellaneous sources like coupon codes, event rewards, etc.
How to get More Employment Contracts

Since Employment Contracts are basically worth 150 quartz, try to earn and collect them from free sources whenever you can. It’s also advisable to pull only on the characters you want when their banners are available with an uprate.

On the other hand, Classified Employment Contracts are special contracts that can only be used for a chance to pull Awakened or classified units. These units are usually very powerful so pulling for them is very well worth it. Unlike the normal Employment Contracts where you can draw one unit per contract, you’ll need 20 Classified ECs to get a single pull. CECs are also quite harder to come by compared to the normal ECs.

Alternatively, you can also use Admin coins to pull for Awakened units. Admin coins are premium currency that can only be purchased using real money in the Shop. It costs 300 admin coins per pull attempt. You can get a small number of CECs from daily and weekly missions. Classified ECs can also be purchased using quartz (go to Shop > Classified Recruitment Package). However, this method is time-locked so you can only do this a few times during the Awakened banner period.
How to get More Employment Contracts

Thankfully, there seems to be only one Awakened banner per period and even if you failed to get an awakened unit during a period, the “pity” or ensured character rate will be retained until you get an awakened unit. For example, if you have acquired 79/150 on the previous awakened banner and failed to get the awakened unit, your next pull attempts on the new awakened banner will be 80, 81, and so on.
How to get More Employment Contracts

This concludes our quick guide about Counter:Side’s Employment Contracts. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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