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How to Enter Counter:Side Coupon Codes

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How to Enter Counter:Side Coupon Codes

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Combat is an integral part of the game as clearing stages and challenges are the main source of rewards and other materials needed to progress in the game. In this page, we will list down some available coupons and how to enter these Coupon Codes.
How to Enter Counter:Side Coupon Codes

New Counter Side Coupon Codes

Like other mobile games, Counter:Side also offers a variety of Coupons or codes that can be used to redeem different in-game items like quartz, eternium, employment contracts, credits and other useful items. Some of these codes have an expiration as well so try to redeem them as early as you can. If you’ve used a code from our page and encountered an error (after confirming that you’ve inputted the correct code), it’s most likely due to the code getting expired by the time you’ve tried it.
These codes were tried as of 6/10/21.
Coupon Code
x50000 Credits, x1 Simulation Ticket, x100 Quartz
x1 Employment Contract, x50k Credit, x3 Special Appraisal

How to Enter Coupons?

Entering Counter: Side Coupons is very easy. Follow the steps below to know more.
1. From the Lobby, tap the Menu icon on the upper-right corner
2. Select the Settings (Gear) icon.
3. Tap Manage Account.
4. Tap the Enter Coupon button then enter the code.

All redeemed items from Coupons are automatically added to your inventory.
How to Enter Counter:Side Coupon Codes
How to Enter Counter:Side Coupon Codes

Where do we get Coupons?

Usually, Counter Side Coupon Codes are released from their official social channels, primarily via Facebook and Twitter. That’s why it is highly recommended to follow these platforms to keep yourself updated not only whenever there's new code available but other important information as well such as maintenance announcements, bug fixes, new events, etc. We will be providing the game’s official channels below: Developers are normally enticed to release codes for their players whenever there are special milestones, events, holidays, collaborations, and other reasons.

How to Enter Counter:Side Coupon Codes

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