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How to Get More Eternium

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How to Get More Eternium

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Eternium is the game’s main resource, which is needed to start various missions. While Eternium regenerates over time, it will still serve as some kind of limiter in the game, preventing you from grinding too much in the game. In this page, we will discuss the different methods of getting more Eternium.

Eternium serves as some sort of limiter in the game. You’ll recover a bit of Eternium after a few minutes. Once the max capacity is reached, this auto-regen will stop. Your Eternium capacity will be increased as your company’s level increases. If you have received Eternium as a mailed-in reward, you can consider not opening them yet to maximize your eternium’s default recharge rate. Open them only if you’re heavily grinding and need some more eternium or if they’re about to expire from your mailbox.
How to Get More Eternium

Avoid letting your eternium reach max stock since the passive generation stops once you’ve reached your max limit or went over it. Even if you’re not planning to play in the game for a while, you can “burn” it by auto-battling. A good example of passive farming is by taking on Supply Operations. You can farm for helpful items there while also being able to repeat the same battle automatically as much as your Eternium can hold. Make sure your device is connected to a charging cable and the power save mode is enabled in the game when you’re planning to let the game run and farm operations while you’re doing something else.
How to Get More Eternium

Aside from the passive generation of Eternium, there are also other methods of getting more. One of the reliable and free methods right now is getting Eternium from Daily Support Funds. This is divided into two parts: collect 2000 Eternium from 6AM-2PM, while the Evening Funds start from 3PM-12AM. Once you’ve collected the two parts, you’ll be able to collect the Support Funds Box that contains 50,000 credits and 800 Info. If you missed getting one part, you won’t be able to collect the missed Eternium and in turn, unable to collect the Support Fund Box. This feature is supposed to be temporary but since it has no definite end date at the moment, try to utilize this feature as much as you can.
How to Get More Eternium

Next, you’ll be able to get Eternium using various methods:
* Complete the “Recruit once” task in the Daily Mission list.
* Complete certain achievements.
* Obtained as level up rewards in Counter Pass.
* Obtained as rewards for clearing certain Dive stages
* Obtained as rewards from World Dispatch missions.
* You can buy 2000 Eternium for 50 quartz though this is limited to 3 times a day only.
* You can buy 500 Eternium for 25 gauntlet points, also limited to 3 times a day.

As you can see, Eternium is pretty much required for clearing the main content of the game. Thankfully, there are several other aspects of the game that don't need Eternium like gauntlets, dives, and simply managing your units and squad. You can tackle those while your eternium regenerates in the background.

This concludes our quick guide about Counter:Side’s Eternium resource. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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