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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. The game’s roster has several characters and units that fill different roles in the squad. In our Counter Side Sniper Tier List, we will list down some of the high tier choices for the Sniper role.

Disclaimer: Tier Lists are not meant to be a standard or something that will dictate your squad-building experience to the point that it will sap your enjoyment of the game. Use Tier Lists as a guide (as it is intended to be). The characters in our tier list are arranged based on our own opinions and what the other players think as well. Our recommendation is to follow your preference and build your squad based on your favorite units, as long as you make it work and it gives you satisfaction.

Instead of listing down all units, we will list down the top S-tier and A-tier units so you’ll know which ones are the top Sniper picks. There’s a decent number of snipers in the game though there are only a select few that will effectively contribute to your squad’s combat capability. Snipers are the backline DPS, with really high HIT and are the direct counter against strikers. They can’t easily take down defenders but as long as they’re safely protected in the backline, they’ll be able to soften up any enemy that approaches your ship.

Xiao Lin
Sniper Tier List
Xiao Lin is a top tier sniper that will easily tear up enemies as soon as you deploy her. She’ll prioritize the foremost targets with her basic attack. Her passive skill is also amazing, boosting her basic attack’s damage up to 20% depending on the distance between her and her target. This skill should be prioritized to be maxed out since at skill lv5, her passive will ensure that all her basic attacks will inflict critical damage.

Her special skill allows her to fire her rifle three times in quick succession, attacking foremost targets. At skill lv5, this attack can deal 20% more damage against enemies that are farther away. Her ultimate skill deals massive AoE damage while also blasting enemies backwards. Consider giving her a crit damage set, especially when she has her passive maxed out to further increase her damage output.

Hayami Sanae
Sniper Tier List
Hayami Sanae offers great utility in the field for a sniper. To start, all of her attack skills deal AoE damage. Her passive skill allows her and surrounding allies to deal 20%-40% damage against siege units, making the effect an effective counter against pesky siege units that will attempt to rush your ship. Her special skill allows her to blast enemies in the front, dealing AoE damage and knocking them backwards. Finally, her ultimate skill deals massive AoE damage while also decreasing the affected enemies’ attack speed by 30% for 6s.

Karin Wong
Sniper Tier List
Karin is the bane of flying units since she’ll automatically prioritize flying targets within her range. Her passive skill allows her to deal 50% more damage for targets farther than 4m from her. At skill lv5, her attack speed also increases by 10%-30%. Her special skill allows her to call in a shield that knocks nearby enemies backwards. The shield also draws in the aggro and will move forward, keeping the heat away from Karin. At skill lv5, Karin will also get Hitstun immunity against special or lower skills when she’s near her bulwark. (Shield)

Sylvia Lena Cooper
Sniper Tier List
Sylvia shines well in mech-heavy squads, thanks to her passive skill that increases the HIT and EVA by 20% of all allied mechs in the field. At skill lv5, this passive effect will also give ATK+10% to the mechs. Her special attack allows her to fire a large energy blast at the farthest target within range, dealing AoE damage and stunning enemies (except for soldiers and counters). You’ll need to level up her special skill to LV5 to be able to stun soldiers and counters, as well as reducing the cooldown by 4s. Finally, her ultimate skill deals massive AoE damage while looking quite flashy as well.

Kim Chowon
Sniper Tier List
As an R unit, she’s a low-cost sniper that you can deploy immediately. The main downside however is her range. Compared to other snipers, she’ll have a shorter range, exposing her to danger. Her passive skill is quite interesting, as it gives her a 40% Skill Haste effect after every 4th basic attack. At skill lv4, the skill haste effect is increased to 80%, and at skill lv5, she’ll have that effect as soon as she enters the field.

Her special attack allows her to fire several shots that damage all enemies in their trajectory. At skill lv5, this attack will always be able to inflict CRIT damage. Her ultimate attack is a more powerful version of her special attack and with longer duration. At skill lv5, she’ll also get a protective barrier equal to 50% of her max HP for 15s after activating her skill.

This concludes our Counter:Side Sniper Tier List. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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