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How to Implant Units

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How to Implant Units

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Managing your units is an integral part of the game, with their strength having a direct impact on your progress in the game. One method of further increasing the strength of your units is through Implanting. In our Counter Side Implanting guide, we will discuss how to use this feature to strengthen your units.

What is Implanting?

This is the process of allowing your units to gain more stats by using up other unneeded units or implant materials Whenever your unit levels up, it’s Latent Ability (max possible stats) is increased. To increase the unit’s current stats to reach the max value possible, you’ll need to perform Implants.

Implanting requires other units as materials. You can use any unit type but using units of the same role as the target unit will get x1.5 more EXP. Furthermore, you can also obtain Trophies. These consumable units give a lot more EXP than normal units and have no other use but to be used as fodder for Implanting.

How to Implant Units

How to Implant?

This is done by accessing the Lab option from the main menu and selecting Implant. Tap the Change Target button and select the unit you’ll want to Implant. You can tap the Auto-Select material button in the Enhancement Material section for the game to automatically select N-rarity and trophy units as fodder. You can also tap on the empty slots to manually select other units. Be careful when selecting since it’s possible to add a higher-rarity unit to the Enhancement Material slots.

How to Implant Units

Once the fodder is ready, tap the Enhance button to use up the fodder and for you to pay the displayed Enhancement Cost. You can keep repeating this process until either you run out of fodder or the unit’s current stats are maxed out.

How to Implant Units

Where do you Implant Materials?

Normal units can be acquired in several ways. There’s a possibility to get them when rolling for SSR units. They can also be acquired as completion rewards for clearing certain missions. That’s why normal units are reliable sources of fodder for Implanting since they’re more common than trophies. Trophies come in two variants: Silver Trophies and Gold Trophies. These can be obtained mainly by unlocking certain achievements. Usually, Trophies come along in a container, like a Trophy Box. You’ll need to open your inventory and open the box there to be able to use them.

How to Implant Units

Implanting is just one of the many methods of strengthening your favorite units and keeping your Storage well-maintained. It’s straightforward yet resource-extensive. As much as possible, use Normal units as your main fodder then dismiss your excess R and even SR units to get their Business Cards.

This concludes our guide about leveling up skills in Counter:Side. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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