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Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

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Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Combat is an integral part of the game as clearing stages and challenges are the main source of rewards and other materials needed to progress in the game. In our Beginner’s Combat guide, we will discuss the basics of the game’s smooth and robust combat system.

The game’s combat system is a significant part of the game as fighting enemies and clearing stages most of the time. While the game is quite easy to grasp in just a few battles, we will still cover the basics and discuss certain aspects of the combat system in this dedicated guide.

Before selecting a stage, you’ll need to form a Squad. You’ll start off with four open squad slots, with two more slots that can be unlocked using the premium in-game currency, Quartz. Each squad can have up to 8 units, and a transport vehicle, usually a ship. The squad’s average CP (combat power) and (deployment) cost will be based on the units you’ve included in the squad. The positions of the units along the rows also dictate the order they’ll appear in the deployment selection during combat. So for example, the first 4 units (in the top row) will be immediately available for selection while the remaining four will appear in order after the first row units have been deployed.
Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

During combat, the objective is to push through and eliminate the enemy forces while also protecting your transport. Aside from the individual HP of your deployed units, the HP of your transport vehicle and the main target is represented by the green and red bars in the upper-left and upper-right corners of the screen. You’ll be victorious after depleting the enemy’s health bar but the battle will be lost if your transport vehicle gets destroyed.
Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

The enemy units are placed on the right side of the screen while your team deploys on the left side of the screen via your selected ship or ground vehicle. Each unit has a Deployment Resource cost. This is represented by the circled number in the lower-left corner of their portraits. The Deployment Resource gauge will automatically replenish over time so you’ll need to wait for it to recharge until you have enough resources to deploy another unit. Once deployed, units will automatically fight until they’re defeated or recalled. Units that were previously deployed can be re-deployed by using up the same amount of resources.
Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

Each unit has its own type, roles (class), and skills that will each play a great role in their performance on the battlefield. There are four different types of units: Counters, Soldiers, Mechs, and others.
* Counters: These are special combatants that have a high deployment cost but are able to unleash special and ultimate skills.
* Soldiers: These are generic soldiers that have low stats, won’t be able to use special or ultimate skills and will usually come in groups.
* Mechs: These are mechanical units with high basic stats and respond to enemy attacks rather quickly. Some mech units can also use special attacks.
Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

There’s also a “Role Advantages” mechanic in play; meaning roles can deal more damage to the roles they’re effective against while also receiving lesser damage from roles they’re strong against. You can refer to the chart below for more information. It is recommended to have a squad composed of units with different roles to cover any weaknesses. One good example is deploying a Defender in front of your team to decrease any incoming damage to your team and your ship. The Protect mechanic applied to your allies and ship is not applied to the Defenders themselves.
Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

Aside from the roles, you’ll also need to take note of the unit’s attack type. Some units can only attack ground targets while some can only target aerial enemies. Preferably, have a good number of units that can attack both air and ground targets. Ships and bosses are considered to be both ground and air targets.
Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

Finally, we have Auto-Battle. This feature is enabled only after completing the first few missions. Once activated, your units will be deployed automatically (in the order you have arranged them). Their special skills as well as your ship skills will be activated instantly as well as soon as they’re available. If you have allied support characters, they’ll be included in the automatic deployment as well. While Auto-Battle is very convenient and usable for clearing most of the game’s content, there are certain battles where manual control is highly recommended. Some examples are Gauntlet (PvP) or Raid battles.
Counter:Side Beginner’s Combat Guide

This concludes our Counter:Side Combat Basics guide. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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