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How to get more Training Data

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How to get more Training Data

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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. Managing your units is an integral part of the game, with their strength having a direct impact on your progress in the game. In our Counter Side Training Data Farming guide, we will discuss how and where to find more Training Data to level up our units’ skills.

Skills play a vital role in combat and sometimes, what defines a unit’s importance in the field. Leveling up these skills further increases their effectiveness. Each skill can be increased up to LV5, in which they’ll obtain additional effects. Additionally, the max level of a unit’s skills are directly proportional on how many times they were limit-broken. That said, only a unit that’s fully limit-broken will be able to max out their skill levels.

How to get more Training Data

To level up a unit’s skill(s), you must undergo Skill Training. This is done by accessing the Lab option from the main menu and selecting Skill Training. You’ll need two consumable items to level up a unit’s skill: Training Data and Info. There are two types of Training Data that you’ll need.

* Basic Training Data: This is the yellow folder. This is needed to raise the skill’s level up to LV3.

* Prime Training Data: This is the red folder that’s needed to raise the skill’s level up to LV5.

Training Data can be farmed, especially once you have more operation missions unlocked.

* Special Defense Training Simulation: You can do this twice a day until the game refreshes the next day.

* Riot Suppression Supply Operation: This method is only limited by your eternium stock so it’s possible to do auto-battle. Stage 1-2 gives Basic Training Data as reward while Stage 1-6 will award you with the Prime Training Data.

* Complete certain Weekly Missions.

* Purchase from the Shop > Exchange Center > Today’s Deal.

* Purchase from the Consortium (Guild) Shop. Limited stocks per week only.

* You can convert Basic Training Data to Prime Training Data via Crafting Facility in the Gear Crafting section of the lab.

How to get more Training Data

Since you still need to build your proper squads to tackle harder operation missions, you can keep farming Stage 1-2 in the Riot Suppression Supply Operation. The enemies are all LV30 which can be pretty manageable after a few hours of playing since starting the game. The next stage (1-6) unlocks after completing Main Stream EP5 Act, which is going to take a while. That said, keep collecting the Basic Training Data then just convert them to Prime Training Data via Gear Crafting.

If you’re also a member of a Consortium (guild), make sure to do the consortium-related tasks to earn Coalition Tokens, which you can use to purchase Training Data from the consortium shop. Furthermore, playing regularly and completing the daily and weekly missions will keep a steady supply of Training Data.

This concludes our guide about Training Data Farming in Counter:Side. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.
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