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Counter:Side is a side-scroller, hero collector title that features an engaging story, smooth combat system, wonderful art, and interesting characters. The game’s roster has several characters and units that fill different roles in the squad. In our Counter Side Striker Tier List, we will list down some of the high tier choices for the Striker role.

Disclaimer: Tier Lists are not meant to be a standard or something that will dictate your squad-building experience to the point that it will sap your enjoyment of the game. Use Tier Lists as a guide (as it is intended to be). The characters in our tier list are arranged based on our own opinions and what the other players think as well. Our recommendation is to follow your preference and build your squad based on your favorite units, as long as you make it work and it gives you satisfaction.

Instead of listing down all units, we will list down the top S-tier and A-tier units so you’ll know which ones are the top Striker picks. Strikers are the frontline units, focusing on dealing damage up close. They usually have high EVA and HIT. Successful evasion decreases any incoming damage, ignores critical hits, and hitstun. High HIT decreases their targets’ evasion rate and damage reduction. Strikers are effective against Rangers and weak against Snipers.

Nanahara Chifuyu

Striker Tier List

Nanahara Chifuyu is probably the top tier striker in the game, boasting really high stats and really useful skills. She shines in PvE, PvP, and Raid battles, making her a very adaptable and important attacker on any squad. Her basic attack deals AoE damage while her passive skill allows her to decrease her target’s DEF by 10% for 4 seconds while also stunning them for a second for every 3rd basic attack. At skill LV5, the target’s DEF gets reduced by 20% instead while also making her Special and Ultimate attacks trigger the passive effect.

Her special skill inflicts AoE damage while also increasing her ATK by 5%, up to 15%. At skill level 5, this skill also seals the target’s skills for 5 seconds, not including bosses and ships. Finally, her ultimate skill also inflicts AoE damage while boosting her ASPD (attack speed) by 30% for 15s. At skill lv5, this ult also gives her immunity to hitstun from special or lower skills for 15s.

Esterosa de Chavalier

Striker Tier List

Esterosa is a very tanky unit, boasting really high HP and defense. She’s a very reliable unit for clearing most of the game’s content early on, and can also deal decent damage for her class. All her attacks can deal AoE damage but the best thing about her is the damage resistance utility she can bring to the squad. As soon as she enters the field, her passive skill “Astraia’s Blessing” gives her a barrier that’s equal to 25% of her HP. Leveling up this skill also increases her HP (which also increases the strength of her barrier). At skill LV5, the barrier gets activated again if her HP drops to 50% while also boosting her allies’ DMG resistance by 30% for 8 seconds.

Her special attack “Virgo the Sword Light” deals AoE damage while also increasing her DMG resistance by 15% for 10 seconds. At skill LV5, this skill also provides an additional 15% attack. Finally, her ultimate skill “Spica Nova Burst” inflicts massive AoE damage while also cancelling the barriers of enemies.

Lin Xien

Striker Tier List

Lin Xien is a high tier striker that’s also very accessible even to F2P players. She’s an SR unit that you can also Scout (and farm the fragments needed to get a copy of her). Her basic and special attacks deal AoE damage while also knocking back enemies. However, her passive and ultimate skills are very invaluable especially in any squad. Her passive “Continental Heiress” instantly restores 1 Deployment Resource as soon as she enters the field. At skill LV5, she’ll restore 2 DR instead. Her Ultimate Skill instantly restores 3 DR. At skill LV5, she’ll be able to restore 4 DR with her skill’s cooldown reduced to 33 seconds (from the original 49).

While lacking any hard hitting attacks, her ability to sustain a squad through DR replenishment allows you to deploy more units faster while her attacks can also delay multiple enemies thanks to her knockback effect.

Terminator x2

Striker Tier List

These soldiers specialize in close combat and can reliably shred the enemy’s defenses while their allied snipers, strikers, and rangers finish off the rest. Their basic attack can knock back enemies and deal AoE damage. This unit has three passive skills; allowing them to deal more damage against Defenders, lower their target’s DEF by 20-40%, and increase their own DEF by up to 60% in proportion to their HP.

Cindy Looper

Striker Tier List

Cindy is an R unit that has surprising viability on the field, thanks to her low deployment cost and great survivability. Her passive skill increases her HP up to +25% (at skill lv4), with a 10% DMG reduction once she gets to skill LV5. Her special attack allows her to deal AoE damage while also restoring 5% of her HP every second for the duration of her skill. At skill lv5, this special skill also gives her a 30% damage reduction for its duration.

Finally, her ultimate skill triggers the following effects:

* Generates a shockwave that levitates all targets

* Removes debuffs cast on Cindy.

* Restores 40% of Cindy’s HP. At skill LV5, Cindy can heal 60% of her HP instead.

* Increases ATK by 15%

* Grants immunity from Hitstun from Special or lower skills for 15 seconds.

That said, Cindy can be a very reliable unit early game, and can still give a prominent presence when properly built and equipped in the late game. Even with these skills, she won’t be able to keep up with SR and SSR units due to the large difference in stats alone.

Roy Burnett

Striker Tier List

Roy may look like a generic gangster wannabe but he’s genuinely a great guy and a reliable unit in the battlefield. All of his attacks deal AoE damage and his passive, special, and ultimate skills all inflict different types of debuffs to enemies, making him an ideal frontline debuffer. His passive skill increases the damage taken by enemies hit by his basic attacks by 10% (15% for skill lv5) for a few seconds. His special skill deals AoE damage while also reducing their attack speed by 30% for 8 seconds. Finally, his ultimate attack inflicts AoE damage while also lowering the DEF of affected targets by 25%.

This concludes our Counter:Side Striker Tier List. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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