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Here are our best cheats, tips and strategy for the fantastic super hero themed RPG from Netmarble, MARVEL Future Revolution.

How to play Marvel Future Revolution other than your phone

When checking out Marvel Future Revolution’s system requirements, you’ll notice that it might need the latest flagship phone in order for you to play it properly. You might be wondering if there’s another way for you to play it aside from Android and Apple.

If you have a PC that has decent hardware, then you’re able to play Marvel Future Revolution through the use of an Android Emulator. There are different types available, but you can use ones such as Bluestacks or LD Player. They can provide you with options for tweaking your emulation requirements and they can play the game for you. Always be cautious with downloading programs from the internet, and make sure that the emulator that you download comes from their official websites only.

Tips to get to level 100 and reach 400k power and above

Having different heroes in the game and trying them out will let you help decide which character will be your main. Eventually, you will want to reach level 100 for all of your characters and reach 400k power in order to help you with clearing the game’s content. In order to do so, you can follow these tips to reach this goal:

Do all daily events: This can provide you with a lot of squad exp and good items as well that can increase your power.

Complete your Side missions: Aside from acquiring money when completing Side missions, you can acquire EXP here to level up your character.

Save up your gems: When checking the shop, you can look at costume bundles that can provide you with good stats such as increased critical rate and attack bonuses. Getting costumes for your character will dramatically increase their damage potential.

Focus on improving your main character: Even if you have different character slots, you should select a main character that you will focus on. Provide majority of your resources to them, since they will be the ones that can clear the game’s content. Even if you have squad power, your individual hero power still be much important since they will determine how far you can go in terms of rank rewards.

Accomplish your activity log: There are different regions in the game where you have activities that you can complete. Not only do you get exp, but you can also get gems and costume boxes.

How to complete the Dark Zone

When checking your hero, you will be able to see that you have an overall power level. The Dark Zone is a difficult section of the game even if you have power that’s over 500k. So, you might wonder what’s the best way for you to clear this area.

In order to finish this and get points, you’ll want to join into an alliance and go together as a group. Forming a group in order for you to clear it will provide you with the best chances of winning. Check the alliance list and see which ones are active and have the most members, this will give you the higher chances of finding groups who will want to go to the Dark Zone as well.

How to check where you can get the individual card sets

Perhaps there’s specific cards you’ll want to obtain in the game in order to help with your hero. Thankfully, you should be able to check a card’s information and see its details including the location. If you are aiming for specific card sets, you’ll want to check a specific menu in the game.

Open records then check your collection first. Under the Omega Cards, look at the card that you specifically want to find (you can sort this by region and then set). Tap on the yellow shield logo on the upper right ide of the screen, and you’ll be able to see a card’s location information.

Keep your Regional Box running in the Workshop

When checking your headquarters, you can go to the workshop and make sure that your regional box is running. The Regional box takes a lot of time which can range from hours to days, so don’t want to waste any given time possible.

However, try to avoid using your gold just to speed up the process. They can be used instead for other activities such as improving your character and alliance. Gold will eventually run out faster later in the game. Speeding up the regional box isn’t worth it since once you have claimed your items, you will run another box which will use more time. Focus on improving your skills and perhaps donate to your alliance as alternatives.

Best thing to purchase if you plan to spend on real money

There are different deals that you’ll be able to find in the shop in Marvel Future Revolution. Before spending, you must take note that micro transactions sometimes might look small, but having no control can rack up costs in no time. If you plan to purchase with real money, you will want to see which deals are the best for you to get.

There are monthly Alpha and Omega bundles that can purchase for $3.99 and $26.99 respectively. This provides you with a 1-3 star box and a 3-5 star box each day. This will provide you with over 6000 crystals which can be useful. The number of crystals that you can acquire from this will be cheaper overall than purchasing crystals individually.

Bonus stats to focus on for your outfits

Your outfits in the game have bonus stats that you can improve on which will help with your daily runs. Knowing which stats per each piece will help you focus on creating a strong hero. If you wish to improve your outfits, increasing the stats will provide bonuses to your performance in battle. You can improve the following stats depending on each piece:

Helmet = Attack, Crit Rate, Crit Damage

Suit = Attack, Crit Rate, Crit Damage

Hands = Dodge Rate, Defense

Feet = Health

All of the stats mentioned above is useful for majority of the heroes in the game, as well as the game modes you complete them with. IF you have a specific hero that benefits on another stat instead, then you can use those. You can simply use this as a guideline for your outfits in general.

Extract Synchronized Particles

Every now and then, you’ll be collecting a lot of materials in the game as you play through the content. There are specific items that you can acquire in your inventory that are materials that are used for synchronized particles. They can be used by going to your headquarters and use the Convergence Box.

Once you have extracted them with the box, you’ll get Synchronized Particles. This item can be used to obtain other items in the game, and you can also improve your collection tab in order to gain more reward items.

Check out also our [

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MARVEL Future Revolution FAQs

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How can you use the costume draw ticket?

Check the costume draw area then there’s an arrow to the left, click on it and you’ll be able to use the ticket in order to get a costume.

Where can you get crystallized convergium?

You can get them from the Convergium box. You will need to convert unstable > stable > crystallized. You can also get crystallized convergium from blitz.

How can you get omega points for the costume selector?

IN order to get omega points, you need to win or participate in Omega Wa

What can I do with collectibles?

Collectibles can be used to extract synchro particles from the convergium box.

Do you need to save in the game?

The game saves automatically except during story missions. Before starting a story mission, you will get a mission confirmation that will ask if you want to save.

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