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In Marvel Future Revolution, the earths from the different universes begin to converge. With the threat of the world ending from this catastrophe, you must stop your enemies and upcoming disaster. Due to the worlds converging together, different heroes from the universes join together as an alliance.

There are several heroes that you can play in this game, and you will be able to experience this universe with other players as well. When starting out in Marvel Future Revolution, you will get to try out each of the eight available heroes that you can play. In this page, we will be checking out Storm and see their profile, skill list, as well as how their basic gameplay goes. We hope that this page will help you learn more about this character when choosing your squad.


StormOroro Munroe, also known as Storm, is a descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, mutagenically imbued with the ability to manipulate elemental forces of weather.Ranged damage with AoE Properties. Requires more time to use attacks but they deal more damage.

Skill List

Skills in Marvel Future Revolution follow the same pattern for all of the heroes in the game. Each hero has a basic attack and ultimate attack that can be used, and you can assign up to five skills at a given time. Each skill can be enhanced using gold in order to make them stronger.

Once you reach specific level milestones, you can unlock a mastery of a given skill which will provide them with different effects. The table below shows all masteries that are available, and these modifiers shown below refer to the skill at level 1. They will get stronger as you enhance them.

Skill NameClassCooldownRequired StaminaFunction
Basic AttackBasic AttackNoneNoneShoots lightning from the tips of her fingers to deal 107% Shock damage to target.
Eye of the StormUltimate SkillNoneFill Ultimate GaugeConjures snow, rain, and thunder in a large area to deal 1,348% damage.
Atmosphere Control - Lightning SphereLightning Cloud6.6 s12Throws a lightning sphere that explodes upon landing on a target to deal 144% Shock damage.
Atmosphere Control - Electric ExplosionLightning Cloud9.1 s17Throws a lightning Sphere to deal 202%t shock damage. An electric current that deals damage over time will be created at the explosion site.
Atmosphere Control - Frozen SphereDeep Freeze9.1 s14Throws an ice sphere towards the enemy dealing 103% Chill damage and also freezing the area, followed by an explosion.
Atmosphere Control - High PressureAir Current9.2 s17Throws a wind sphere towards the enemy to deal 186% damage. The wind sphere creates a vortex at the explosion site and pulls enemies to the center.
Weather Witch - Lightning ReleaseLightning Cloud6.8 s13Shoots lightning from her fingertips to deal 182 % Shock damage to a target and nearby enemies.
Weather Witch - Chain LightningLightning Cloud8.8 s18Shoots lightning that moves from the target to nearby enemies to deal 214 % Shock Damage. The lightning can hit the same target again.
Weather Witch - ElectrocutionLightning Cloud21.2 s18Drops lightning upon a single target continuously to deal 686 % Shock damage.
Weather Witch - StormfrontLightning Cloud13.0 s26Shoots lightning forward in a large area to deal 303% Shock damage.
Wind Rider - Harsh WindsAir Current8.4 s11Summons a strong wind in front of herseld to deal 99% damage and knocks down the attacked enemy.
Wind Rider - Polar EasterliesAir Current9.4 s19Summons a strong wind in front of herself to deal 229% damage and stuns enemies continuously while pushing them back.
Wind Rider - MicroburstAir Current34.4 s39Controls the air pressure in the area to send enemies into the air. When the duration is over, deals 346% damage and knocks down enemies.
Wind Rider - Mist of DarknessAir Current29.5 s21Creates fog in the area to increase her and her allies' Dodge rate.
Icicle Crash - Glacier StrikeDeep Freeze8.2 s16Drops a large icicle on the enemy's location to deal 191% Chill damage.
Icicle Crash - Icicle SpearDeep Freeze10.4 s21Raises an ice crystal spear from the ground to deal 233% Chill damage to enemy.
Icicle Crash - Explosive HailDeep Freeze16.4 s33Drops 6 large hailstones on the enemy's location to deal 507% Chill damage.
Icicle Crash - Snowstorm ShieldDeep Freeze30.0 s34Surrounds herself with a chill barrier and becomes invincible for a short duration. Then breaks the barrier to deal 364% Chill damage.
Lightning Attack - Bolt StrikeLightning Cloud11.0 s16Drops a thunderbolt on the enemy's location to deal 136% Shock damage and knocks down the attacked enemies.
Lightning Attack - Cloud PursuitLightning Cloud15.4 s17Creates a cloud that strikes lightning on the enemy's location. The cloud follows the enemy and strikes lightning to deal 164% Shock damage.
Lightning Attack - Thunder CrashLightning Cloud16.9 s34Causes a thunderstrike in a large area to deal 413% Shock damage.
Lightning Attack - High Voltage CurrentLightning Cloud20.8 s30Drops a thunderbolt on the enemy's location to deal 286% Shock damage and knocks down the attacked enemy. Creates an electric current where the thunderbolt dropped to deal Shock damage over time.
Atmokinesis - Wall of LightningLightning Cloud30.8 s8Surrounds herself with a lightning barrier to increase DEF. Deals Shock damage to nearby enemies while the skill lasts.
Atmokinesis - Nature's StrengthLightning Cloud45.4 s10Calls lightning to herself to recover stamina. The lightning also reaches nearby enemies to deal 127% Shock damage.
Atmokinesis - Wall of WindAir Current45.4 s10Surrounds herself with a wind barrier to decrease skill cooldown.
Atmokinesis - Wall of FrostDeep Freeze37.7 s11Surrounds herself with an ice barrier. Increases DEF significantly and interferes with the nearby enemy's movements while the barrier is active.
Pressure Manipulation - WhirlwindAir Current10.0 s13Creates a whirlwind to deal 125% damage and sends the attacked enemy into the air.
Pressure Manipulation - Wind SlashAir Current7.8 s16Creates 3 tornados in the front to deal 171% damage, and pushes back the attacked enemy.
Pressure Manipulation - UpdraftAir Current15.1 s17Creates a big tornado near the enemy to deal 120% damage, and sends the attacked enemy mid-air.
Pressure Manipulation - Central WhirlwindAir Current16.7 s33Surrounds herself with an air current, sends whirlwinds indiscriminately to deal 473% damage and pushes back the attacked enemy.
Deep Freeze - Absolute ZeroDeep Freeze8.8 s16Creates a snowstorm on the enemy's location to deal 191% Chill damage.
Deep Freeze - Shattering IceDeep Freeze18.7 s37Drops hailstones on the enemy's location continuously to deal 499% Chill damage.
Deep Freeze - Ice SphereDeep Freeze12.9 s26Creates a sphere that scatters ice crystals to deal 300% Chill damage to enemies in front of her.
Deep Freeze - WhiteoutDeep Freeze20.7 s41Creates a vast snowstorm around herself to deal 611% Chill damage.


Storm is great at dealing ranged damage as well as hitting multiple enemies
Storm is great at dealing ranged damage as well as hitting multiple enemies

“This hero is useful when fighting against multiple enemies. She can control the weather of the battlefield to restrain many enemies’ movements and deal various types of damage in a wide area.”

We hope that this has helped you learn more about Storm. There are different other heroes that you can play as well in the game, so please check our other pages to see more about their profiles. You can only have a select number of heroes available on your free character slots, so knowing more about their gameplay can help you decide which ones you will be placing on your squad.

There are other features as well about Marvel Future Revolution that you might want to check. Feel free to see our guide menu to learn more about the game. If you have any questions, you can head over to our Answers Page and see if there is any information that can be helpful for you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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