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Playing the game’s story as well as different operations can only provide you so much in terms of single player content or party content. Perhaps you are the type who wants to challenge other players in battle in order to see how you can fare with your skills. In Marvel Future Revolution, you can unlock different game modes in the Arena in order to fight other people.

One of the PVP features you can get to experience is Dark Zone. In this page, we’ll be checking the basics on what to expect in this mode as well as the rewards that you’ll be able to acquire. Let’s check what’s in store!

What is Dark Zone?

How to Unlock: Complete Epic Mission [5-42 Dimensional Rift]

If you’re searching for one of the hardest game mode that is available in Marvel Future Revolution, then the Dark Zone game mode is for you. Here, you’ll be experiencing features that provide you with PVP and PVE elements. A specific time limit will be provided where you can participate for one hour each day to play.

Dark Zone is a PVP and PVE feature
Dark Zone is a PVP and PVE feature

Dark Zone features a huge map, Normal and Prime targets will appear all over and you must take it down with your team. These targets are much stronger than the ones you see in the game’s regular story, therefore you will want to put in some team effort in order to take them out.

There will be opposing teams as well who will try to aim and get these targets since they determine the score, and this is where the PVP element comes in. If there are players who aren’t in your party or in your alliance, then it means they can be defeated in the field.

Defeat targets and opposing players
Defeat targets and opposing players

Each territory you go in has a maximum number of 50 players, and you will be able to farm for one hour total. Dark Zone is available daily but you only have that specific time limit each day before you will be kicked out. If you do not like the PVP aspect of Dark Zone then you can wait for a possible update that will make Territory 3 PVP free (this is from a developer’s note).

Your main goal is to work with your team to earn as much points as you can which will be displayed on the screen. With enemies that you defeat and items you acquire, this will accumulate as points. Rewards are provided especially if you defeat prime targets.

Get more points with more targets that get defeated
Get more points with more targets that get defeated

Death limit: There is actually a limit on how much times you can die in Dark Zone. If you get defeated, you’ll respawn somewhere in the map. However, once you have been revived 3 times then you have used up all of your count and you will be kicked out after.

Dark Zone Rewards

If this game mode has a one-hour time, then you might be wondering what the possible rewards you can get. Since the main goal is for you to defeat targets, then you’ll be able to acquire rewards from them. One of the ways for you to get stronger is by getting Omega Cards, and Dark Zone provides them for you.

  • Target Arrest Rank Reward: Villain themed Omega Cards and crafting materials

  • Weekly Rank Reward: Omega Card Box

    Your aim is to get as much points as you can from Dark Zone each day in order for you to build up your possible weekly rank reward. The higher rank you acquire then the better rewards you’ll be able to acquire. Omega Cards will be needed as one of the end-game items, and this is a good way for you to get them. One of the rewards that you can obtain are Dark Zone Tokens as well.

    Dark Zone tokens can be used at the Tokens section of the shop. As you can see, you’ll be able to purchase Battle Badge Boxes of high levels, so this will really help out in making your character stronger. You can then combine these with Cores in order to provide you with the best boosts.

    Use Dark Zone tokens at the shop
    Use Dark Zone tokens at the shop

    There are other modes in Arena as well that you will find in Marvel Future Revolution. As you get stronger and reach higher levels, you’ll be able to participate in more PVP modes. All of them provide you with tokens so make sure to use your count daily.

    This concludes our pages regarding Dark Zone. We hope this information has helped you. If you have any questions, feel free to check our Answers Page to see if there is any useful info you can find. Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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