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In Marvel Future Revolution, there are different activities that you’ll be able to participate in such as playing the game’s story, performing different operations, as well as completing specific tasks. In this game, you can also play through different kinds of events that are available.

There are some events in the game that are available until you are able to complete them. You might notice that some events do not have a schedule, so they can be completed indefinitely. In this page, we’ll check the different kinds of events that you’ll be able to see. One of the indefinite events available is Fury’s Secret Mission, let’s check what this is as well as the possible rewards that you can claim.

What is Fury’s Secret Mission?

In Marvel Future Revolution, you get to play through the game’s story mode and find out that there are different regions available in this Marvel Universe. As you progress through the different areas and complete the story, you’ll eventually be able to level up and unlock more content in the game.

One of the events available is Fury’s Secret Mission. These are a series of missions that you get to complete and they involve a lot of activities in the game such as enhancing your character, completing certain game modes, and more. The missions are divided into different categories depending on the regions of the game.

Each mission must be cleared from left to right before you can claim the rewards
Each mission must be cleared from left to right before you can claim the rewards

One key aspect that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot get rewards in advance for missions if you haven’t completed the ones before them. Therefore, if you want to get all rewards, you will need to clear all 10 missions of the first region, and then complete the next 10 for the next and so forth.

The rewards that you can claim from Fury’s Secret Mission all help with the improvement of your main hero, as well as your squad. Since this is an indefinite event, you’ll have enough time to clear all missions available for the different categories.

Event Rewards

If you want to complete all rewards for Fury’s Secret Mission, you will have to complete all tasks from left to right on a specific region category, before you can move on to the next region. You will always start with New Stark City missions and then progress by swiping to the right side.

Each region has a set of 10 missions available, and there are five region categories available for Fury’s Secret mission. You can check the interface and tap on each task to see the rewards available. We have also compiled the different rewards on the table below for your convenience:

RegionMission NumberTaskRewards
New Stark CityMission 1Defeat Villains 100 TimesLv. 1 Med-Kit x 10
New Stark CityMission 2Use 10 Med-Kits10,000 Gold
New Stark CityMission 3Enhance a skill onceLow-grade ATK Enhancer x 5
New Stark CityMission 4Defeat Elite Villains 10 timesLow-grade DEF Enhancer x 5
New Stark CityMission 5Dismantle item 5 timesPotential Report x 20
New Stark CityMission 6Enhance Potential once1* - 3* Costume Box
New Stark CityMission 7Enhance a Costume Once10,000 Gold
New Stark CityMission 8Blitz Defeat Kingpin in The King's ReturnLv. 20 Blitz Battle Badge Box
New Stark CityMission 9Reach Hero Lv. 25Stark Superalloy x 30
New Stark CityMission 10Blitz Defeat M.O.D.O.K. in A Great ThreatLv. 30 Blitz Battle Badge Box
Hydra EmpireMission 1Reach Power 30,00020,000 Gold
Hydra EmpireMission 2Special Operations Clear Once1* - 3* Costume Box
Hydra EmpireMission 3Enhance Costumes 5 timesPotential Report x 20
Hydra EmpireMission 4Blitz Defeat Utron in Age of UltronLv. 40 Blitz Battle Badge Box
Hydra EmpireMission 5Battle Challenge Clear Floor 1Potential Report x 20
Hydra EmpireMission 6Most Wanted Defeat 1 timeSYN Particle x 20
Hydra EmpireMission 7Combine Cores onceImperial Combat Uniform Fabric x 30
Hydra EmpireMission 8Blitz Defeat Yellowjacket in Giant RiotLv. 50 Blitz Battle Badge Box
Hydra EmpireMission 9Omega War Participate 1 time20,000 Gold
Hydra EmpireMission 10Blitz Defeat Red Skull in Red HandLv. 60 Blitz Battle Badge Box
XandearthMission 1Defeat an Elite Villain 100 timesMid-grade ATK Enhancer x 5
XandearthMission 2Enhance Potential 40 times2* Core Box x 3
XandearthMission 3Dimensional Duel Win 1 timeMid-grade DEF Enhancer x 5
XandearthMission 4Enhance skills 30 times30,000 Gold
XandearthMission 5Special Operations Clear 3 times1* - 3* Costume Box
XandearthMission 6Enhance Costumes 20 timesMid-grade Critical Damage Enhancer x 5
XandearthMission 7Blitz Defeat Nebula in Black InvaderLv. 70 Blitz Battle Badge Box
XandearthMission 8Raid Complete Challenge level onceSYN Particle x 15
XandearthMission 9Enhance a Specialization onceGlimmering Stardust x 30
XandearthMission 10Omega War Win 1 time3* Omega Card Box
MidgardiaMission 1Defeat 200 Elite VillainsUnrefined Uru x 30
MidgardiaMission 2Enhance Specializations 7 timesShattered Anti-Convergium Box
MidgardiaMission 3Special Operations Clear 5 timesSYN Particle x 20
MidgardiaMission 4Blitz Defeat Arnim Zola in Mad ScientistLv. 80 Blitz Battle Badge Box
MidgardiaMission 5Combine Cores 7 times3* Omega Card Box
MidgardiaMission 6Combine Omega Cards oncePotential Report x 20
MidgardiaMission 7Battle Challenge Reach 50,000 Weekly Points1* - 3* Costume Box
MidgardiaMission 8Most Wanted Defeat 20 timesHigh-grade ATK Enhancer x 5
MidgardiaMission 9Raid Clear Raid 7 times40,000 Gold
MidgardiaMission 10Blitz Defeat Laufey in Never-Ending WinterLv. 90 Blitz Battle Badge Box
SakaarMission 1Special Operations Clear 10 timesTayo sand x 30
SakaarMission 2Reach 200,000 PowerSYN Particle x 20
SakaarMission 3Most Wanted Defeat 30 timesFlawless Anti-Convergium Box
SakaarMission 4Enhance Specializations 15 timesHigh-grade DEF Enhancer x 5
SakaarMission 5Acquire a 4* Costume through Costume through Costume Enhance 3 times3* Omega Card Box
SakaarMission 6Dimensional Duel Win 10 timesHigh-grade Critical Damage Enhancer x 5
SakaarMission 7Omega War Win 3 times50,000 Gold
SakaarMission 8Battle Challenge Clear Floor 154* Core Box
SakaarMission 9Blitz Defeat Maestro in Command of the TyrantLv. 100 Blitz Battle Badge Box
SakaarMission 10Dark Zone Reach 300 Total Points4* Omega Card Box

You will notice that a lot of these missions will be tied to your current power as well as your level. If you want to complete all missions, you will need to be able to finish all regions of the game and aim to reach max level. A lot of the rewards from Fury’s Secret Mission will help you out with your progression, so make sure to check your mission objective.

We hope that this page has helped you learn more about this event. There are other events available in the game as well, so feel free to check them out. If you have any other questions, you can check our Answers Page to see if there’s useful information there. Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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