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In Marvel Future Revolution, the earths from the different universes begin to converge. With the threat of the world ending from this catastrophe, you must stop your enemies and upcoming disaster. Due to the worlds converging together, different heroes from the universes join together as an alliance.

There are several heroes that you can play in this game, and you will be able to experience this universe with other players as well. When starting out in Marvel Future Revolution, you will get to try out each of the eight available heroes that you can play. In this page, we will be checking out Star-Lord and see their profile, skill list, as well as how their basic gameplay goes. We hope that this page will help you learn more about this character when choosing your squad.


Star-LordPeter Jason Quill, better known as Star-Lord, “protects” the galaxy as the leader of the Guardians of Galaxy.Has the capability to change his attack's elemental properties with his guns

Skill List

Skills in Marvel Future Revolution follow the same pattern for all of the heroes in the game. Each hero has a basic attack and ultimate attack that can be used, and you can assign up to five skills at a given time. Each skill can be enhanced using gold in order to make them stronger.

Once you reach specific level milestones, you can unlock a mastery of a given skill which will provide them with different effects. The table below shows all masteries that are available, and these modifiers shown below refer to the skill at level 1. They will get stronger as you enhance them.

Skill NameClassCooldownRequired StaminaFunction
Basic AttackBasic AttackNoneNoneFires the Elemental Blaster to deal 62% damage to enemy.
Elemental Hadron EnforcerUltimate SkillNoneFill Ultimate GaugeRocket Raccoon's masterpiece. Launches giant elemental shots to deal 1,120% damage. Push the attacked enemy over and Burn, Chill, and Shock them.
Space Pirate - Bolt ShotApply Element - Shock Shot6.2 s12Fires the blaster to deal 144% Shock damage.
Space Pirate - Burning Multi-BlastApply Element - Flame Shot16.8 s31Fires the blaster consecutively to deal 452% Flame damage.
Space Pirate - Chill OutApply Element - Chill Shot11.4 s23Fires the blaster multiple times and launches a powerful finisher attack to deal 266% Chill damage.
Space Pirate - Meteor ShowerApply Element - Shock Shot7.4 s13Fires the blaster in an area to deal 156% Shock damage.
Problem Solver - Frozen Rapid FireApply Element - Chill Shot6.4 s12Fires at nearby enemies while spinning to deal 129% Chill damage.
Problem Solver - RewindApply Element - Shock Shot12.1 s24Fires while spinning and moving towards enemies, firing additionally to deal 292% Shock damage.
Problem Solver - Explosive CrescendoApply Element - Chill Shot13.6 s28Spins and fires the blaster then deals 332% Chill damage with an additional attack.
Problem Solver - Rapidfire SpinApply Element - Flame Shot19.5 s35Fires his blaster at a single enemy while flying to deal 630% Flame damage to nearby enemies.
Blaster Charge - Cherry BombApply Element - Flame Shot6.6 s12Charges up energy, then fires it to deal 137% Flame damage and push back the attacked enemy.
Blaster Charge - Freeze-Out AvenueApply Element - Chill Shot6.6 s14Fires a shotgun blaster to deal 133% Chill damage and push back the attacked enemy.
Blaster Charge - Dance ElectricApply Element - Shock Shot13.3 s27Fires quickly 2 times, then releases electric energy to deal 374% Shock damage.
Blaster Charge - Burn Baby BurnApply Element - Flame Shot12.2 s23Releases flame energy forward to deal 269% Flame damage.
Gravity Bomb - Anti-Gravity GrenadeAssist10.3 s11Reverses Gravity to deal 97% damage and sends the attacked enemy mid-air.
Gravity Bomb - Grenade ScatterAssist16.7 s19Scatters grenades while retreating to deal 167% damage in a large area and sends the attacked enemies flying.
Gravity Bomb - Black HoleAssist15.7 s15Gather enemies within the range in one place to deal 112% damage, and Stuns the attacked enemies.
Gravity Bomb - Hypergravity ZoneAssist14.0 s15Creates a hypergravity zone that lasts for a set duration to deal 120% damage and launches the affected enemies into the air.
Elemental Blaster - Icestorm BulletApply Element - Chill Shot7.6 s15Creates a whirlwind with wind element shots, then fires flame element shots to deal 232% Flame damage damage and send the enemy into the air.
Elemental Blaster - Firestorm BulletApply Element - Flame Shot20.3 s24Creates a whirlwind with wind element shots, then fires ice element shots to deal 160% Chill damage.
Elemental Blaster - Shock Storm BulletApply Element - Shock Shot9.7 s20Creates a whirlwind with wind element shots, then fires shock element shots to deal 236% Shock damage.
Elemental Blaster - Snownado ShotApply Element - Chill Shot11.6 s23After creating a whirlwind in front of himself, he shoots ice element shots to create a chill whirlwind that moves forward to deal 272& Chill Damage to enemies in its path
Jet Boots - Jet ExplosionApply Element - Shock Shot8.3 s16Kicks the enemy to leap up and fires a blaster that causes electrical explosions to deal 265% Shock damage in a large area.
Jet Boots - Burning JetsApply Element - Flame Shot12.0 s21Kicks with jet boots, sending a flame to eal damage in al arge area, and fires the blaster while landing to deal 308% flame damage.
Jet Boots - Icy SlideApply Element - Chill Shot9.0 s18Kicks the enemy to leap up and fires to deal 241% Chill damage.
Jet Boots - Shock ShotApply Element - Shock Shot11.6 s17Kicks the enemy to leap up and fires the powerful blaster once to deal 201% Shock damage and Stuns the attacked enemy.
Battle Soundtrack - KickstartAssist30.3 s9Listens to Awesome Mix. Increases dodge gauge and stamina recovery speed while the skill lasts.
Battle Soundtrack - Just Getting StartedAssist40.1 s29Plays music through a small speaker to increase his and his allies' dodge gauge and stamina recovery speed while the skill lasts.
Battle Soundtrack - Pump It Up!Assist25.2 s12Listens to an upbeat song. Increases Critical Rate while the skill lasts.
Battle Soundtrack - Noise PollutionAssist26.6 s14Tosses a noisy speaker to decrease the attacked enemy's ATK.
Elemental Cannon - Flame CannonballApply Element - Flame Shot24.2 s30Fires flame element shots to create a huge explosion and deal 329% Flame damage.
Elemental Cannon - Freezing CannonballApply Element - Chill Shot18.0 s33Fires chill element shots to deal 422% Chill damage in a fan-shaped area behind the hit enemy.
Elemental Cannon - CannonboltApply Element - Shock Shot15.3 s28Fires shock element shots to cause a huge explosion and deal 338% Shock damage. Creates an electric field at the explosion site to deal additional damage to nearby enemies.
Elemental Cannon - Laser EraserApply Element - Flame Shot25.6 s44Fires flame laser to deal 654% damage to enemies in a linear area.


Star Lord is able to change his types of attacks thanks to his capability of changing weapon elements
Star Lord is able to change his types of attacks thanks to his capability of changing weapon elements

“This hero attacks enemies with very agile movements. He can change the type of his elemental gun to work well in specific situations and launch many types of attacks. He can create a battle environment favorable for him using various gear.”

We hope that this has helped you learn more about Star-Lord. There are different other heroes that you can play as well in the game, so please check our other pages to see more about their profiles. You can only have a select number of heroes available on your free character slots, so knowing more about their gameplay can help you decide which ones you will be placing on your squad.

There are other features as well about Marvel Future Revolution that you might want to check. Feel free to see our guide menu to learn more about the game. If you have any questions, you can head over to our Answers Page and see if there is any information that can be helpful for you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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