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In Marvel Future Revolution, the earths from the different universes begin to converge. With the threat of the world ending from this catastrophe, you must stop your enemies and upcoming disaster. Due to the worlds converging together, different heroes from the universes join together as an alliance.

There are several heroes that you can play in this game, and you will be able to experience this universe with other players as well. When starting out in Marvel Future Revolution, you will get to try out each of the eight available heroes that you can play. In this page, we will be checking out Captain Marvel and see their profile, skill list, as well as how their basic gameplay goes. We hope that this page will help you learn more about this character when choosing your squad.


Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel
Captain MarvelCarol Danvers was infused with great power from energy explosion and became Captain Marvel. She is the protector of the galaxy and a member of the Avengers.High attack power that can provide burst damage. Also AoE capabilities that can hit multiple enemies.

Skill List

Skills in Marvel Future Revolution follow the same pattern for all of the heroes in the game. Each hero has a basic attack and ultimate attack that can be used, and you can assign up to five skills at a given time. Each skill can be enhanced using gold in order to make them stronger.

Once you reach specific level milestones, you can unlock a mastery of a given skill which will provide them with different effects. The table below shows all masteries that are available, and these modifiers shown below refer to the skill at level 1. They will get stronger as you enhance them.

Skill NameClassCooldownRequired StaminaFunction
Basic AttackBasic AttackNoneNoneLaunches a short-ranged attack on nearby enemues and a long-ranged attack on flying enemies or enemies at a distance to deal 66% damage.
Binary EruptionUltimate SkillNoneFill Ultimate GaugeUnleashes her binary powers to deal 764% damage to enemies within a circular range and knocks them down.
Mighty Flight - Sonic BoomLightspeed Movement7.7 s14Gathers energy to cause an energy explosion and deals 206% damage to the target and their surroundings.
Mighty Flight - Lightspeed DashLightspeed Movement14.8 s19Jumps towards an enemy and throws a big punch to deal 186% damage then knocks down the attacked enemy.
Mighty Flight - Forward FlightLightspeed Movement18.8 s25Charges forward to cause an energy explosion and deals 286% with the backblast, and knocks down the attacked enemy.
Mighty Flight - Enforcing ChargeLightspeed Movement16.9 s18Charges forward and deals 445% damage, sneding enemies into the air. Gathers strength and strikes the airborne enemies to deal additional damage and decrease their DEF.
Photon Charge - Energy ExpulsionCosmic Energy7.3 s15Gathers energy and causes an explosion to deal 161% damage to nearby enemies.
Photon Charge - Blast ConeCosmic Energy14.7 s17Shoots an energy beam to deal 146% damage to enemies in a linear area. Causes an energy explosion near the attacked enemy and increases their damage received for a short duration.
Photon Charge - Energy DrainSuperhuman Strength19.6 s25Deals 270% damage to enemies and recovers stamina relatie to the number of enemies hit.
Photon Charge - Energy BeamCosmic Energy9.5 s20Swings an energy beam to deal 122% damage. Causes an energy explosion near the target to deal 122% additional damage.
Energy Impact - Downward StrikeLightspeed Movement12.5 s18Soars up and strikes the ground to deal 189% damage aknd knock back the target.
Energy Impact - Dive StrikeSuperhuman Strength26.9 s35Soars up and strikes the ground , then strikes an additional blow to deal 470% damage and knock down the enemy.
Energy Impact - Captain's UppercutSuperhuman Strength29.8 s35Soars up and strikes the ground, then soars back up to deal 395% damage and send the target mid-air.
Energy Impact - Cosmic RechargeLightspeed Movement23.1 s26Soars up and strikes the ground to deal 222% damage, knocks down the attacked enemy, and recovers her utlimate skill gauge.
Photon Flight - FurtherLightspeed Movement6.8 s14Flies at light speed to deal 158% damage to enemies in a linear area.
Photon Flight - FasterLightspeed Movement11.6 s23Flies at light speed to deal damage to enemies in a linear range then changes direction at light speed to deal 286% damage.
Photon Flight - HigherLightspeed Movement34.3 s44Sends enemies into the air and hits them consecutively at the speed of light to deal 527% damage.
Photon Flight - Hero's EntranceLightspeed Movement29.8 s43Flies at light speed, deals damage to enemies within range, and powerfully lands on the ground to deal 498% additional damage.
Photon Blast - Blast BeamCosmic Energy7.1 s15Fires a beam in a linear area to deal 190% damage.
Photon Blast - Mighty WillCosmic Energy12.5 s26Fires several beams in a linear area to deal 371% damage.
Photon Blast - Photon FocusCosmic Energy32.2 s52Focuses photons on a single enemy t odeal 1,544% damage. Increases damage dealt based on the time hit by the blast.
Photon Blast - Photon WaveCosmic Energy9.7 s21Fires a beam in a fan-shaped area to deal 263% damage.
Kree Power - Power ComboSuperhuman Strength15.3 s20Hits the enemy quickly and consecutively to deal 231% damage.
Kree Power - Guard BreakSuperhuman Strength26.3 s35Hits the enemy quickly and consecutively , and kicks down to deal 420% damage. Knocks down the attacked enemy.
Kree Power - Cosmic ComboSuperhuman Strength36.8 s49Knocks the enemy down on the ground and hits them consecutively, then releases cosmic energy t odeal 846% damage.
Kree Power - Corkscrew KickSuperhuman Strength40.4 s42Kicks the enemy quickly and consecutively to deal 502% damage, and decreases the attacked enemy's DEF.
Photon Energy - Photon ExplosionSuperhuman Strength9.7 s12Causes a photon energy explosion from the ground to deal 114% damage, and knocks down the attacked enemy.
Photon Energy - Photon AbsorptionSuperhuman Strength17.5 s20Causes a photon energy explosion from the ground to deal 144% damage, and knocks down the attacked enemy. Absorbs the exploded energy back to increase DEF.
Photon Energy - Explosive FlowSuperhuman Strength18.5 s23Causes a photon energy explosion on the ground to deal 245% damage, and sends the attacked enemy in mid-air.
Photon Energy - Photon OverflowCosmic Energy17.0 s33Shoots photon energy in the air and drops energy fragments to the ground to deal 455% damage in a wide area.
Photon Buster - Spherical OutburstCosmic Energy7.5 s16Launches multiple energy spheres to deal 200% damage. Attacks up to 8 enemies.
Photon Buster - Photon OrbsCosmic Energy10.7 s23Gathers multiple energy spheres and throws them to deal 260% damage to enemies in a linear range.
Photon Buster - Focal Energy ShotCosmic Energy13.7 s24Focus fires the energy spheres on a single enemy to deal 444% damage.
Photon Buster - Buster SphereCosmic Energy22.5 s33Deals 324% damage in a large area with one big energy sphere, and knocks down the attacked enemy.


Captain Marvel excels in powerful strikes in order to take out enemies as fast as possible
Captain Marvel excels in powerful strikes in order to take out enemies as fast as possible

“This hero dominates her enemies with explosive powers. With her superior physical abilities, she approaches her enemies with speed to attack and uses her cosmic energy to deal explosive damage to multiple enemies in a short time.”

We hope that this has helped you learn more about Captain Marvel. There are different other heroes that you can play as well in the game, so please check our other pages to see more about their profiles. You can only have a select number of heroes available on your free character slots, so knowing more about their gameplay can help you decide which ones you will be placing on your squad.

There are other features as well about Marvel Future Revolution that you might want to check. Feel free to see our guide menu to learn more about the game. If you have any questions, you can head over to our Answers Page and see if there is any information that can be helpful for you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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