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MMORPGs provide players with different content such as game modes in order to provide some variety with what you can do. In Marvel Future Revolution, you can unlock different game modes under Operations which can be joined daily in order for you to get different rewards.

In this page, we’ll be checking what the Raid operation has for you in the game. We’ll be checking how to unlock this mode, what the basics are, as well as the possible rewards that can be obtained. This is just one of the different operations you’ll be able to acquire as you progress through the game’s story, let us check what this mode has in store.

What is Raid?

How to Unlock: Complete Epic Mission [4-32 A Transdimensional Threat]

As you progress your levels in Marvel Future Revolution, your levels will near the maximum of 100 and you may be finishing up your game’s story as well. Clearing side missions and collectibles are one thing, but you might wonder if there are other ways for you to challenge yourself in the game.

One of the operations that you’ll be able to participate in the game is Raid, and this operation will require team effort as well as making your character the best that they can. As the name implies, Raid lets you challenge a boss for the day, and they can come in a variety of difficulties.

Challenge the Raid Boss for the day to get rewards
Challenge the Raid Boss for the day to get rewards

Higher difficulties will yield more rewards, but this also means that it’s more challenging to complete. You may get hit harder, and your damage dealt might be weaker. However, completing Raid to get your rewards will help out with your specialization. There are different Raid Bosses each day, and you can matchmake with other players and aim to defeat the boss. Watch out for different varieties of attacks, and try to deal as much damage as you can in order to gain more points.

Raid Rewards

Raid lets you claim rewards up to one time each day. The rewards that you get will depend on your placement in terms of dealing damage and surviving the battle. The main rewards that you’ll be able to get will be the following items:

  • Squad EXP

  • Specialization Materials

  • Gold

    The rewards given will be based on the difficulty rating that you complete them as well. As you will notice, this is one of the game modes that can provide you with Specialization materials, so you will want to perform raids daily. When starting out, it would be best if you choose the easier difficulties if you are not level 100 yet.

    Specializations are one of your ways to make your hero unique. Depending on the tree that you choose, you can buff specific aspects of your character such as improved stats, or get different effects such as health restoration when using a skill. These will all differ depending on your character, but you will still need Specialization materials.

  • How to play Raid

    Once you have unlocked Raid in your operations list, you will be able to view the Raid Boss for the day, and then you can choose the difficulty setting. You can then join and enter matchmaking in order to be teamed up with other players.

    Fighting Raid Bosses is straightforward. You get to view some cutscenes which can be skipped, and then you will enter the fight and work with your party mates in order to defeat the boss. There will be different attacks coming at you, so you will need to take the area of effect signals into consideration.

    Defeat the Boss together with your party
    Defeat the Boss together with your party

    In order to get the best rewards, it would be best for you to avoid using auto play for this game mode. You will want to dodge properly, deal as much damage as you can, and defeat the boss until its HP runs to zero. Once the boss is defeated, you will be provided with your rewards in the results screen.

    Higher difficulties will provide better materials for you, and this can be a good incentive for you to improve your character. Make sure to enhance their potential, provide them with proper costumes, cores, badges and more. Improving your lead hero will be a continuous process as well, and Raid will provide you with a game mode to test your build and skills.

    This concludes our page regarding the Raid operations in Marvel Future Revolution. We hope that this has helped you learn more about this game mode. There are other operations that are available as well, so please look into the pages that we will have. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page to find If there’s useful information. We’d love to hear from you as well, you can leave us a comment below!

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