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MMORPGs have a lot of items that can be acquired as you progress through the game’s content. They have different functions and they can help your character get stronger. In Marvel Future Revolution, one of the items that you can acquire are Potential Reports, and this item is tied to the Enhance Potential feature for your hero.

In this page, we’ll be checking what Enhancing your hero’s potential does. There are a variety of ways for you to get stronger and this is one of them. The bonus that you can get from this is permanent for your character as well, so it’s important for you to know how it works.

What is Enhance Potential?

When playing through the game’s story and completing missions, you’ll notice that you will be able to acquire potential reports that are specific for your hero. For example, Storm has a report named “Report: Weather Manipulation Ability”. This item is used in order to increase specific bonuses for your character.

In order to enhance your potential, you will open the main menu and then check the Heroes tab. From there, you can open the Enhance Potential interface. There are a series of bonuses that you can acquire based on your level, and you can unlock it up to level 80.

Spend reports and gold to increase bonus stats
Spend reports and gold to increase bonus stats

On the right side, you will find the three bonus stats that you can increase. You will be able to choose which stat you can focus on, and this will cost Gold as well as the potential report of your hero. Each level tier for the bonuses can be maximized up to 100%.

One of you long term goals is to reach 100% for all of your potential. All of the bonuses combined will help your character get stronger as time progresses. Reaching level 100 will only bring your power up to a certain amount so you will want to have the best potential for your hero as well.

Each bonus stat can be leveled up to 20 times, and once you max it out it will say “Enhance Complete”. Once you unlock more tiers based on your level, you can focus on increasing stats that you really need. Enhancing your potential is a long-term goal anyway, so choose the best stats for you. You can always get back to the others later.

How to get Potential Report

Now that you know how important enhancing your potential is in the long run, you might wonder how you can get more potential reports for your hero. There are several ways for you to find them such as the following areas of the game:

  • Epic Missions: Some areas of the main story can provide you with Potential reports as one of your rewards. If you want to see more, you should check your Activity Log under Records from the main menu.

  • Fury’s Secret Mission: One of the events in the game can provide you with potential reports, so check the tasks you need to complete.

  • Hero Level Up Event: Leveling up your hero and reaching specific milestones will earn you some Potential reports.

  • Shop: Check the shop from time to time and look at packages that can provide you with reports.

    Reports are specific to the Hero you are currently playing
    Reports are specific to the Hero you are currently playing

    The game can also provide you with more future events and updates to the game’s story and features so hopefully they can provide you with more of these materials. Since these items can take some time when acquiring them, it would be best for you to focus on a main character so you can devote your resources for them.

    Eventually, you should be able to max out your Hero’s potential, this will be a long journey so make sure to complete as much as you can in the game. There are also other ways for you to improve your character, so check out the heroes menu to see the other features such as Omega Cards.

    This concludes our page regarding the Enhance Potential feature in Marvel Future Revolution. We hope that this information has helped you learn more about the system in the game. We have other pages as well on how to improve your character so please check them out. You can also drop by our Answers Page to see if there’s info there that can help you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well!

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