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Progressing through Marvel Revolution’s story and game modes will require constant improvement for your character. Whenever you are checking different elements in the game, you will notice that leveling your character will only take you far enough until you reach a difficulty where it will be challenging to continue. There are different ways for you to increase your power further and make your character stronger, and one of the ways for you to do them is by equipping Omega Cards.

In this page, we’ll be checking the Omega Cards feature that will help improve your hero. We’ll be providing you with the basics, as well as the effects so you can learn more about how it will be usable for your character. This is just one of the many ways you can get stronger, so let’s check more about this feature.

What are Omega Cards?

When playing through the game’s story and completing quests, you’ll notice that there will be times where you can obtain items called Omega Card Boxes. These items will provide you with an Omega Card at random, and they can be equipped for your character.

There are a total of 6 cards you can equip for your hero, and you can combine their effects depending on which hero you are using. When tapping on a card, you’ll see the possible bonuses they can provide you. Think of Omega Cards as an addition to your equipment where they can affect your stats, this is very useful in battle.

Equip up to 6 cards to gain bonuses to your stats
Equip up to 6 cards to gain bonuses to your stats

Omega Cards come in different rarities as well, and the rarer cards will provide you with the best effects. One of your long-term goals is to obtain better Omega Cards for your character, and you can obtain more from completing the quests in the game. There are operations you can also do such as “Most Wanted” in order for you to get more cards. You can also draw cards from the Shop if you are willing to use your crystals.

What effects can you get from Omega Cards

There are a lot of cards you can find in the game with varying rarities. These cards actually look like covers from Marvel Comics, and you can tap on the card to see the effect. The effects that can be obtained will depend on the card that you have chosen, and you can view the Card Codex to view each card that is available.

Check the Card Codex to view each card
Check the Card Codex to view each card

Omega Cards can have various benefits, higher rarity cards will give more stats. All in all, you can expect the following bonuses for your character if you have these cards equipped:

  • Fixed Effect: These are bonuses for your card that will increase your stat or provide you with bonuses. For example, it can increase your ATK by a certain percentage or you can get increased damage in specific game modes or versus specific enemies.

  • Bonus Stat: You can get increases to additional stats depending on the Omega Card that you have chosen. Not all cards have bonus stats, so you should take that into consideration.

  • Exclusive Stat: Whenever you combine cards, you can increase its star rating. The best cards will require you to reach it to 6 stars in order for you to get exclusive stats for your hero. For example, if you use Storm, you can get bonuses to her element related damage.

  • Set Effect: You can equip Card sets that can depend per region. View the card sets tab to see which mixes you can have. Since you have a total of 6 cards available, there are Omega Cards that have a 6-Set effect.

  • Combining Cards

    Collecting cards, even extra ones, can provide you with benefits in Marvel Future Revolution. If you want to maximize the effects and unlock specific bonuses for a card, then you have the option to combine cards. Whenever you look at a card, you will find that there are star ratings on the lower-left side.

    If you want to combine cards, tap on a card you wish to increase its star rating and then choose combine. From there, you will have to use five cards of the same star rating as materials. In doing so, you will increase the grade of the card that you have chosen.

    Use 5 cards of similar grades to increase the star rating of your chosen card
    Use 5 cards of similar grades to increase the star rating of your chosen card

    Combining cards will provide better effects, and you can check the Card Codex to see which cards have unlocks at 6 Stars. If you are planning to aim for Omega Cards for your hero, then looking at the Card Set tab and Card Codex tab will let you view which bonuses will be beneficial for your play style.

    Set Effects

    Some cards can be part of a set, and you should see this in the icon that looks like an infinity symbol. You can also check the Card Sets tab to see which sets are available. Set cards provide you with a lot of bonuses, and you’ll be able to maximize them if you complete 6-sets.

    Most sets that are available will relate to a specific region in the game. Tap on each card set and check which effects will be beneficial for you, and you can focus on collecting those. Once you have cards that are suitable for your character, then it will help you with your gameplay.

    View the card sets to see if the bonuses fit your chosen hero
    View the card sets to see if the bonuses fit your chosen hero

    Other than Omega Cards, there are still other possible options for you to increase your power such as the ability to Enhance Potential. Progress through the game’s story and you will be able to unlock more features as well such as Cores and Specialization.

    This concludes our page regarding Omega Cards in Marvel Future Revolution. We hope that this information has helped you learn more about the system in the game. We have other pages as well on how to improve your character so please check them out. You can also drop by our Answers Page to see if there’s info there that can help you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well!

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