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Going into a new location within the Marvel Universe can be a challenging task for a new hero. There are different things you will need to consider when starting out in a new game such as your characters, as well as knowing what lies ahead for you. A new game can provide you with a lot of features, and we’re here to give you some help.

Welcome to our Marvel Future Revolution beginner’s guide! Here, we’ll be providing you with the first part of our beginner’s guide with the basic tips that you can follow when starting out your journey in this new Marvel Universe. Learn which steps you’ll need to do first as well as learn about some of the game’s basic features. So, let’s get started!

Choose your Main Hero and Playstyle

In Marvel Future Revolution, you get to play as different possible heroes that have varying play styles. All new accounts have four free hero slots available so you can choose up to four different characters to play with. Later on, you will be able to unlock more hero slots with gems if needed. If you’re starting out for the first time however, you will want to know which playstyle would best suit you since you will want to have a Main hero for your squad.

You will be able to test out each hero's attacks and skills in a small tutorial at the start of the game
You will be able to test out each hero's attacks and skills in a small tutorial at the start of the game

There are 8 heroes you can choose from the Marvel Universe. When checking the skills of these characters, you will notice that they can fill roles similar to other types of roleplaying games. There isn’t a best character since it will still depend on the playstyle that will fit you, and how you use your character to their full potential.

Here’s the list of available heroes that you can choose from, as well as their short bios. We have provided a brief summary of their playstyles as well in order for you to check which ones can fit to your liking.

Black WidowNatasha Romanoff is the best spy in the world. She is a member of the Avengers and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Good at single targets in PvE, and PVP. Has debuff capabilities that can weaken opponents and confuse them.
Captain AmericaSteve Rogers was chosen to be Captain America in the super soldier program. With his tenaciousness and leadership, he eventually became a living legend and a symbol of freedom.Good defensive and tanking capabilities. He can break an enemy's guard.
Captain MarvelCarol Danvers was infused with great power from energy explosion and became Captain Marvel. She is the protector of the galaxy and a member of the Avengers.High attack power that can provide burst damage. Also AoE capabilities that can hit multiple enemies.
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange uses his magic powers to protect Earth from any inter-dimensional threats.Ranged damage with AoE properties. Great for PvE content.
Iron ManTony Stark wears his high-tech Iron Man suit to protect the world from potential threats.Balanced ranged attack and defense. He can also provide debuffs on enemies.
Spider-ManAfter being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gained superhuman strength and agility. After a costly mistake, he vowed to use his powers and protect people as Spider-ManHas high agility that lets him dodge attacks. He also has crowd controlling capabilities.
Star-LordPeter Jason Quill, better known as Star-Lord, “protects” the galaxy as the leader of the Guardians of Galaxy.Has the capability to change his attack's elemental properties with his guns
StormOroro Munroe, also known as Storm, is a descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, mutagenically imbued with the ability to manipulate elemental forces of weather.Ranged damage with AoE Properties. Requires more time to use attacks but they deal more damage.

Once you have chosen your character, you will want to have one as your main hero in order for you to dedicate your resources in making them stronger. You’ll have other character slots available for your squad and you can eventually maximize all of them later on. However, if you focus on one character as your main, then you will be able to master their skills, provide them with the best equipment, and have a hero that can complete the game’s different modes.

Play through the game’s main story

After you have chosen your main hero, you will go through the game’s tutorial and learn about the basics such as movement, usage of skills, as well as the other game features such as the user interface. Your main focus when starting out is to follow the game’s main story, as well as all of the quests related to them.

Follow the quest tracker to know where to go next
Follow the quest tracker to know where to go next

Progressing through the different regions of the game will let you learn about the story that unfolds in the area. Not only do quests provide you with experience, but this will be your initial way to obtain gold as well as a lot of items. Different game features will be available to you as well once you progress through the game’s campaign.

Later on, the quests that you will need to complete might become harder. Therefore, you will then focus on increasing the combat power of your main hero in order for you to have the better chances of clearing the game’s content. Use the game’s main story as your guideline in terms of your progression, and then do the rest of your activities after.

Complete Side Missions, Collectibles, and Activity Records

When exploring the different regions of the game, you will mostly follow the main story that is available. However, there are also instances that these regions have other activities that you can complete such as side missions and collectibles. Side missions are provided to you by NPCs that you encounter, and you usually will find an exclamation mark on top of them. Collectibles on the other hand, appear as icons that have a cube in it.

Check the Side Mission and Collectible Icons on the map
Check the Side Mission and Collectible Icons on the map

Completing Side Missions and gathering Collectibles will all help towards your progression. A lot of the items that are rewarded to you can help improve your character. Based on the number of Side Missions and Collectibles that you have completed; you will be able to check your Activity Records to see that you can still complete within a given region.

You can also check the mini-map on your screen on the upper left-hand side to see the locations of these missions and collectibles. You can always come back to these later on since some will only appear as you progress further into the story, but it will benefit you if you have them all available ones completed before going to the next regions.

Complete your Daily Rewards and use your Operation attempts

Aside from completing the game’s main story and its side quests, you will want to complete other tasks as well in order to maximize the rewards that you’re able to obtain. Similar to other games nowadays, there are daily challenges that you can do as your checklist in order to get some goodies.

Check your daily challenges on the Records section
Check your daily challenges on the Records section

You can check the challenges section under the Records area from the main menu. Here, you’ll get to see different tabs for challenges including Daily, Upgrade, Battle, and Challenge related tasks. The other tasks require you to finish them one time only, but you can also check the daily ones that reset each day and add this as part of your routine.

Once you have completed your daily challenges, you can then use up your attempts within Operations. These are game modes that have a daily limit on how much you can complete them. Depending on the combat power that you have, try to clear the ones that are manageable. You will then be able to finish other harder levels as you progress since you will be improving your main hero.

Prioritize your Lead Hero

Resources in Marvel Future Revolution will be limited in numbers as you acquire them. Even though if you have different hero slots available, you will want to have a main character that you will prioritize with. Your combat power can be raised with the experience you gain, and it is indeed possible to reach up to level 100 for all of your characters, but you will need to take note that you can only play one of them at a time.

Prioritize your resources to your main character
Prioritize your resources to your main character

Aside from gaining levels and reaching its max level cap, there are still other ways for your hero to gain increased CP. Things such as your skills, equipment, costumes, badges, cards and more can impact a character’s overall stats. If you don’t focus on prioritizing your lead hero, spreading out your resources might go to waste. An individual hero’s combat power is much important that your squad rank. You will want to have a character that is able to clear the different game modes, so every bit of resources count.

With these initial tips on hand, we hope that you’ll be able to start on your journey in Marvel Future Revolution to a goo start. We will be providing you with more tips to our second part to our beginner’s guide so please make sure to check it out.

This concludes our first part of our beginner’s guide. If you have any questions, you can head to our Answers Page and see if there is information there that may be useful for you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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