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After knowing what to do initially when playing Marvel Future Revolution, you’ll want to know the next steps to do in order for you have your daily routine in the game. There are many things that can be done in a huge RPG such as this game, so you will want to have a guideline to follow

In this second part of our Marvel Revolution Beginner’s Guide, we’ll be checking the rest of the tips that you can follow. There will be a lot of content available that can be overwhelming to you, so we hope that these can help you out.

Join an Alliance

Even if Marvel Future Revolution has a lot to offer for you in terms of singe player content, it’s still a MMORPG after all. This means that there are a lot of other players who are also online trying to complete the same goals as you. There will be content in the game that will be challenging, and completing it with other players will help you out.

Check the Recommended tab to view the different alliances
Check the Recommended tab to view the different alliances

Joining in an Alliance will be one of the activities you can do. An Alliance is a group of people that work together to accomplish similar goals, and there are different features that you’ll find within an alliance. There are some missions you’ll find within the Alliance interface that lets you earn gold which will be helpful in improving your character.

Once you are part of an alliance, you will have to do your part as well in helping out the members. Alliance donations is an activity that you’ll be doing daily in order for you to help out, and this will show how active you are in the game. With donating, you’ll be aiding in improving your alliance facilities.

Manage your Med kits and Farming

When playing through the game’s content, there will be the inevitable part where your hero gets damaged from different kinds of attacks. If your hero doesn’t have any capabilities of healing themselves, you will need to use items called Med-Kits in order to heal.

Med-Kits will vary in levels and recoverhy
Med-Kits will vary in levels and recoverhy

These items come in different variations and are suited for different levels of your character. Eventually, you’ll have Med-Kits that are not that potent anymore as you have reached higher levels. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be usable anymore, you can put spare items that you have on your squad storage and have your other characters use it.

When farming in the field, you also have the option to use Auto-play which is useful especially if you are busy or if the enemies can easily be taken out. However, it would be best for you to not rely on auto all the time since there will be modes where you will want to control your character as much as possible. Modes such as Omega War, Dimensional Duel, and Blitz are modes where you will want to play with total control of your character.

Complete each region as much as you can

As you progress with your character and gain higher levels, there may be side missions or collectibles that will be available for you in regions that you have passed through before. You can always go back to regions that you have gone through before and recheck if you have missed anything.

Check the details of each region in your activity log
Check the details of each region in your activity log

Check your Activity Logs and see the status if you have completed a region at 100%. This is a good way for you to max out all of the possible rewards that you can get, and perhaps you can get items that you might need. The tasks that can be done are not limited to collecting items as well, but you can also have missions where you need to take out specific enemies.

Some items that you can get from these regions can increase your Squad Ranks as well such as Fury’s Classified Data item. Some features in the game can only be accessed once you reach the specific Squad Ranks, so completing your activity logs is a good way for you to accomplish that goal.

Check your Inventory, Dismantle Badges

When playing MMORPGs, there will be that part where you will get items from a lot of different resources. Defeating enemies, clearing missions, and getting rewards from events will always fill up slots on your inventory. This can be troublesome since if you want to continue your missions, you might be held back whenever new items cannot be claimed.

Free up inventory slots
Free up inventory slots

When checking your inventory, you can place items to your squad storage and share those with your other heroes. When checking your HQ, you can also check the Convergence Box in order to extract synchronized particles by providing it with items.

You can also have items such as battle badges which can be dismantled, as well as costumes which can be used to upgrade other costume types. When playing the game early on, it would be good practice for you to manage your inventory all the time.

Check ongoing Events

Finally, when you have done all of the activities and dailies that you have, you can always check the ongoing events of the game and see the ones that are available for you to complete. Some events in the game are limited in terms of the days that you can finish them, while some will follow specific schedules.

Scroll down the left side of the event tab to see which ones are ongoing
Scroll down the left side of the event tab to see which ones are ongoing

There are different tabs available with Events so make sure to check them out. Schedules will change and new events will appear in the future, therefore you’ll want to get most of the rewards that you can. Eventually, you will have items that have improve your lead hero and squad rank.

We hope that all of these tips can help you in Marvel Future Revolution. With all these beginner tips combined, you’ll be able to make your own daily routine. Make your way through the game’s content and you’ll be able to have the best hero possible.

We’ll have other guides available as well for the game so please check our menu. If you have any other questions, please head to our Answers Page to see if there’s any useful information for you. You can also leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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