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Once you reach level 70 and beyond, you will be needing more boosts for your hero in order to make them stronger. Increasing your hero’s potential, skills, and improving their equipment can provide you with bonuses but there is another system that can make your hero stronger.

One of the features that you can unlock is Specialization. In this page, we’ll be checking the basics of what it can do for your hero, as well as the benefits it can provide. This will be one of your end-game goals for your character as well, so let’s check what to expect for this feature.

What is Specialization?

Specialization is a feature that you can unlock once you clear Epic Mission 4-32. This feature lets you use materials in order to acquire traits for your hero in order to make them stronger, and the combination of traits that you choose can make your hero unique compared to other players. The bonuses that can be acquired can affect your stats and skills and they vary from hero to hero since they all have different skill sets.

Once you open the Specialization menu, you will find a lot of icons available. Here you will find a board that will show your hero’s specializations. Each icon that is available has a maximum number of upgrades you can provide and you will be able to equip specific active traits.

Hero Specialization
Hero Specialization

Think of it as a huge skill tree that you can upgrade in the long run and then you’ll be able to choose four of these as active ones. You can choose up to different combinations at a time, therefore it can make your character unique depending on the choice that you made.

What are Traits?

Each of the icons that you can level up are called traits. You can level them up in order to get bonuses and they can affect your stats or skills. As you get stronger in the game, you will be able to level these up and expand the tree. You will start out with three traits starting from the center, and then you can branch them out as you learn more traits.

There are two traits available in Marvel Future Revolution:

  • Passive Trait: These enhance your basic stats such as ATK/DEF/HP and they will be applied permanently to your character.

  • Active Trait: These enhance the ability of your character and they can affect specific skills too. Active traits can be equipped and you can choose up to four at a time.

    Not only do you need to unlock traits, but you will need to enhance them as well. Specialization materials as well as gold will be used. Take note that when leveling your traits up, higher levels will be difficult to max out because ranking it can fail and the materials will still be used up.

    You can only enhance adjacent traits once the one you are working on is fully enhanced. Also, all adjacent passive traits will need to be maxed out before you can level up an Active trait. Therefore, the specialization system can take some time for you to max out, and it will be a continuous work in progress. Also, once you equip an active trait, it will cost gold and materials to unequip or change the trait that you have chosen.

  • How to get Specialization Materials

    Now that you know how Specialization works for your hero, you will want to check where to get the materials in order to leveling up your traits. Specialization materials will take some time for you to level up because they can be acquired from the following feature:

  • Raid

    As you may know, Raid is a feature that has varying difficulties you can choose from, and the rewards that you can get from here count once each day. Once you hit the level requirement needed in order to participate in this game mode, make sure to max out and claim your rewards daily.

    Get Specialization materials from Raid
    Get Specialization materials from Raid

    Combining specialization with other features in the game such as cores and enhancing your potential will bring out the best in your hero. Since a lot of these features can take some time to complete, you will want to focus on one main hero from your squad.

    This concludes our page regarding the Specialization feature in Marvel Future Revolution. We hope that this information has helped you learn more about the system in the game. We have other pages as well on how to improve your character so please check them out. You can also drop by our Answers Page to see if there’s info there that can help you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well!

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