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In Marvel Future Revolution, the earths from the different universes begin to converge. With the threat of the world ending from this catastrophe, you must stop your enemies and upcoming disaster. Due to the worlds converging together, different heroes from the universes join together as an alliance.

There are several heroes that you can play in this game, and you will be able to experience this universe with other players as well. When starting out in Marvel Future Revolution, you will get to try out each of the eight available heroes that you can play. In this page, we will be checking out Black Widow and see their profile, skill list, as well as how their basic gameplay goes. We hope that this page will help you learn more about this character when choosing your squad.


Black Widow
Black Widow
Black WidowNatasha Romanoff is the best spy in the world. She is a member of the Avengers and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Good at single targets in PvE, and PVP. Has debuff capabilities that can weaken opponents and confuse them.

Skill List

Skills in Marvel Future Revolution follow the same pattern for all of the heroes in the game. Each hero has a basic attack and ultimate attack that can be used, and you can assign up to five skills at a given time. Each skill can be enhanced using gold in order to make them stronger.

Once you reach specific level milestones, you can unlock a mastery of a given skill which will provide them with different effects. The table below shows all masteries that are available, and these modifiers shown below refer to the skill at level 1. They will get stronger as you enhance them.

Skill NameClassCooldownRequired StaminaFunction
Basic AttackBasic AttackNoneNoneLaunches a short-ranged attack on nearby enemies and a long-ranged attack on flying enemies or enemies at a distance to deal 76% damage.
VanishUltimate SkillNoneFill Ultimate GaugeVanishes from enemies for 6s. Attacking or being attacked while vanished will remove the Vanish effect.
Martial Arts Expert - Pressure Point StrikeClose Quarters Combat9.8 s20Hits the enemy's pressure points consecutively to deal 264% damage and pushes back the attacked enemy.
Martial Arts Expert - Backflip KickClose Quarters Combat14.2 s18Kicks the enemy to deal 189% damage and sends the attacked enemy in mid-air.
Martial Arts Expert - Leg SweepClose Quarters Combat11.7 s24Kicks with both feet to deal 332% damage, and pushes back the attacked enemy.
Martial Arts Expert - Crescent KickClose Quarters Combat10.7 s14Strikes down to deal 163% Bleed damage and knocks down the attacked enemy.
Firearm Expert - Short-Range Rapid FireDeadly Aim7.5 s16Fires a pistol consecutively while keeping a distance from the enemy to deal 229% damage.
Firearm Expert - Leap ShotDeadly Aim11.2 s26Leaps towards the enemy and fires a pistol at random to deal 401% damage.
Firearm Expert - Frag BulletsDeadly Aim14.2 s21Fires an explosive bullet and fires additional shots to detonate the bullet to deal 271% damage.
Firearm Expert - Sniper ShotDeadly Aim20.6 s37Snipes at the enemy to deal 587% damage.
Trap Expert - Underhand ThrowEspionage Devices9.0 s13Tosses a trap that releases electricity along its path to deal 145% Shock damage to enemies within the path.
Trap Expert - Trap DelugeEspionage Devices14.2 s21Tosses a trap that releases electricity and detonates it to deal 225% Shock damage.
Trap Expert - Sticky BombEspionage Devices9.1 s14Attaches a trap to an enemy. The trap continuously releases electricity in its range to deal 130% Shock damage.
Trap Expert - Poison TrapEspionage Devices9.2 s16Tosses a trap that releases poison to deal 181% Poison damage.
Widow's Wire - Piercing AnchorEspionage Devices8.5 s15Stabs in a straight line with the wire to Pierce enemies and retract the wire to deal 206% damage, and pulls the enemies in front of Black Widow.
Widow's Wire - Taser NetEspionage Devices9.6 s13Widow's Bite shoots an electrict net to deal 109% Shock damage and traps the attacked enemy.
Widow's Wire - Knee DiveEspionage Devices8.8 s18Secures the wire on the enemy and quickly approaches to deal 297% Bleed damage with a knee kick.
Widow's Wire - Upward SlashEspionage Devices15.2 s32Swings the wire like a whip to deal 494% damage.
Explosives Expert - High Explosive GrenadeEspionage Devices2.2 s12Throws a grenade to deal 106% Flame damage and sends affected enemies into the air.
Explosives Expert - Flare GunEspionage Devices20.0 s15Throws a stun grenade to deal 126% damage and Blinds the effected enemy.
Explosives Expert - Chemical GrenadeEspionage Devices10.3 s15Throws poisonous grenades to deal 176% Poison damage.
Explosives Expert - Laser GrenadeEspionage Devices8.7 s15Throws high-tech grenades that fire lasers to deal 213% Bleed damage.
Trained Assassin - Exploit WeaknessClose Quarters Combat5.1 s11Pierces enemy and deals 144% damage.
Trained Assassin - Cleave TackleClose Quarters Combat18.0 s24Pierces enemy and jumps to deal 273% damage to target and their range and knocks down the attacked enemy.
Trained Assassin - Shock PiercerClose Quarters Combat14.9 s22Pierces enemy to attack, then deals 236% Shock damage with a high voltage attack.
Trained Assassin - Quick Step StrikeClose Quarters Combat12.2 s26Hits enemy then quickly moves on to other nearby enemies to attack and deal 459% damage.
Widow's Sting - Stinger ReleaseDeadly Aim5.3 s10Releases stingers with the Widow's Bite to deal 127% damage in a large area.
Widow's Sting - Double ShotDeadly Aim10.9 s21Releases stingers consecutively with Widow's Bite to deal 309% damage in a large area.
Widow's Sting - Electric ExplosionDeadly Aim9.6 s12Releases electric stingers with the Widow's Bite to deal 130% Shock damage in a large area.
Widow's Sting - Concentrated FireDeadly Aim18.3 s33Fires the blaster to the front multiple times to deal 574% damage.
Master Spy - Launch StrikeClose Quarters Combat8.6 s12Approaches the enemy quickly, points the baton forward with force to deal 123% damage and send them mid-air.
Master Spy - Stun BatonsClose Quarters Combat12.5 s18Releases a high voltage current with her batons to deal 209% Shock damage.
Master Spy - Acrobatic StrikesClose Quarters Combat12.1 s24Attacks the enemy with batons while spinning to deal 325% damage in a circular range, and pushes back the attacked enemy.
Master Spy - Strike BlowClose Quarters Combat11.9 s25Hits the enemy hard with the baton multiple times to deal 409% damage.


Black Widow is agile, and great for single target combat. She has a lot of debuffs that can affect enemies greatly
Black Widow is agile, and great for single target combat. She has a lot of debuffs that can affect enemies greatly

“This hero approaches enemies stealthily and takes them down in a flash. She confuses enemies using various devices, quickly spotting an enemy’s weakness with her exceptional intelligence gathering and infiltration abilities to deal great damage in an instant.”

We hope that this has helped you learn more about Black Widow. There are different other heroes that you can play as well in the game, so please check our other pages to see more about their profiles. You can only have a select number of heroes available on your free character slots, so knowing more about their gameplay can help you decide which ones you will be placing on your squad.

There are other features as well about Marvel Future Revolution that you might want to check. Feel free to see our guide menu to learn more about the game. If you have any questions, you can head over to our Answers Page and see if there is any information that can be helpful for you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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