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Playing the game’s story as well as different operations can only provide you so much in terms of single player content or party content. Perhaps you are the type who wants to challenge other players in battle in order to see how you can fare with your skills. In Marvel Future Revolution, you can unlock different game modes in the Arena in order to fight other people.

One of the PVP features you can get to experience is Dimensional Duel. In this page, we’ll be checking the basics on what to expect in this mode as well as the rewards that you’ll be able to acquire. Let’s check what’s in store!

What is Dimensional Duel?

How to Unlock: Complete Epic Mission [4-11 Resolution of Conflicts]

Perhaps playing team oriented PVP matches isn’t your style, and you will want to fight versus other players on solo. With a lot of players reaching their max levels, you will want to test out your skill on how you can handle a fight. Dimensional Duel is an Arena feature that lets you fight against other players in a 1 versus 1 setting. Your main goal is to defeat your opponent by reducing their HP to zero.

Fight 1 versus 1 matches
Fight 1 versus 1 matches

If the timer finishes and both players are still standing, then the player with the higher HP wins. In order to participate in a Dimensional Duel, you will open the Arena menu and then choose it there. You can then start searching for an opponent for you to fight.

The arena you’ll be fighting in is very simple, so your main goal is to simply take each other out with attacks and skills. Before starting a fight, you can also be given the option to switch to a different hero if they have higher power. The duel will end if one hero is left standing or if the timer runs out.

The last one standing or the one with the higher HP remaining will win
The last one standing or the one with the higher HP remaining will win

Dimensional Duel Rewards

The rewards that you gain from Dimensional Duel will be based on the score that you have earned. You can claim rewards up to 5 times each day, so you can get extra points from consecutive wins. The battle rewards provided to you will compose of the following:

  • Dimensional Duel Tokens

  • Squad EXP

    If you lose during battles, then you’ll get a lower Dimensional Duel score. This will affect the number of battle rewards you’ll be able to acquire so be careful when fighting your opponents. Make sure to upgrade your hero accordingly and provide them with good items such as Omega Cards and Cores.

    Grade Rewards are also provided to you as you go up the ranks. You should find your current grade on the main screen just above the season record. As you defeat more opponents, you’ll get to increase this grade. This will reset once a new season starts, and you can only claim grade rewards once for every tier you increase.

    Based on your Duel score, you should be able to obtain weekly ranking rewards as well and they’re composed of Free Crystals and Dimensional Duel Tokens. The tokens can be used in the shop by checking the Dimensional Duel tab on the Tokens section. A lot of useful items can be found there.

    Use Dimensional Duel Tokens at the shop
    Use Dimensional Duel Tokens at the shop

    There are other modes in Arena as well that you will find in Marvel Future Revolution. As you get stronger and reach higher levels, you’ll be able to participate in more PVP modes. All of them provide you with tokens so make sure to use your count daily.

    This concludes our pages regarding Dimensional Duel. We hope this information has helped you. If you have any questions, feel free to check our Answers Page to see if there is any useful info you can find. Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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