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In Marvel Future Revolution, the earths from the different universes begin to converge. With the threat of the world ending from this catastrophe, you must stop your enemies and upcoming disaster. Due to the worlds converging together, different heroes from the universes join together as an alliance.

There are several heroes that you can play in this game, and you will be able to experience this universe with other players as well. When starting out in Marvel Future Revolution, you will get to try out each of the eight available heroes that you can play. In this page, we will be checking out Doctor Strange and see their profile, skill list, as well as how their basic gameplay goes. We hope that this page will help you learn more about this character when choosing your squad.


Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange uses his magic powers to protect Earth from any inter-dimensional threats.Ranged damage with AoE properties. Great for PvE content.

Skill List

Skills in Marvel Future Revolution follow the same pattern for all of the heroes in the game. Each hero has a basic attack and ultimate attack that can be used, and you can assign up to five skills at a given time. Each skill can be enhanced using gold in order to make them stronger.

Once you reach specific level milestones, you can unlock a mastery of a given skill which will provide them with different effects. The table below shows all masteries that are available, and these modifiers shown below refer to the skill at level 1. They will get stronger as you enhance them.

Skill NameClassCooldownRequired StaminaFunction
Basic AttackBasic AttackNoneNoneUses magic on the enemies to deal 94% damage.
Soul SundererUltimate SkillNoneFill Ultimate GaugeControls gravity in the immediate area and sends enemeis in the air to deal 736% damage.
Master of the Mystic Arts - Crimson Bands of CyttorakIllusion Magic8.8 s12Snares the enemy and deals 115% damage.
Master of the Mystic Arts - Circular ShacklesIllusion Magic13.6 s23Creates a circular band around enemies to group htem in one place, then deals 231% damage.
Master of the Mystic Arts - Barrier CurseIllusion Magic14.0s24Snares target to deal 276% damage and a high guard damage.
Master of the Mystic Arts - Soul EnhanceTouch of the Vishanti22.2 s24Casts a spell disc of enhancement to increase his and his allies' Defense Pierce Rate.
Seven Rings of Raggadorr - Starved ShacklesMystic Arts7.2 s13Attacks the target and nearby enemies consecutively to deal 182% damage. Creates distance from the enemies if they are close.
Seven Rings of Raggadorr - Chain ReactionMystic Arts8.9 s17Casts a spell to attack the target and nearby enemies consecutively to deal 230% damage. Creates distance from the enemies if they are close.
Seven Rings of Raggadorr - Ring RepulsionMystic Arts19.4 s35Focus attacks on a single target to deal 723% damage. Creates distance from the enemy if they are close.
Seven Rings of Raggadorr - Magic ExplosionIllusion Magic20.2 s26Attacks the target and nearby enemies consecutively, causes an additional explosion to deal 277%
Gateway Summoning - Threshold of BanishmentMystic Arts7.3 s15Sends a gateway flying towards the enemy, then closes the gateway to deal 196% damage.
Gateway Summoning - Gateway LaunchMystic Arts27.2 s49Uses a gateway to trace the enemy and fires an Eldritch Beam to deal 886% damage.
Gateway Summoning - Portal BoltIllusion Magic1631Controls energy to flow between two gateways to deal 440% damage to enemies in a linear area and push them back.
Gateway Summoning - Gate of the EdgeMystic Arts16.9 s33Surrounds the target with multiple gateways to deal 432% damage to enemies between spell discs.
Mirror Dimension - Dimensional LockdownIllusion Magic13.4 s17Locks enemeis in the Mirror Dimension to deal 151% damage.
Mirror Dimension - Invitation to the AbyssIllusion Magic29.4 s31Locks enemeis in the Mirror Dimension to deal 255% damage.Sends the enemies into the air when the Mirror Dimension is removed.
Mirror Dimension - Shield of the MirageTouch of the Vishanti25.2 s23Casts a small Mirror Dimension around allies to reciver his and his allies' guard gauges and decrease guard damage received.
Mirror Dimension - Dimensional CollapseMystic Arts10.9 s22Creates the Mirror Dimension and drops fragments to deal 230% damage, and causes the hit enemies to Bleed.
Eye of Agamotto - Orb of Agamotto- BlastTouch of the Vishanti30.1 s12Summons an orb that follows him around. The orb attacks nearby enemies at random.
Eye of Agamotto - Orb of Agamotto- BeamTouch of the Vishanti30.0 s22Summons an orb that follows him around. The orb focuses attacks on a single enemy.
Eye of Agamotto - Tranquil GuardianTouch of the Vishanti25.1 s27Casts a spell disc of protection to send nearby enemies floating mid-air, then removes all debuffs from himself and allies and they become immune to debuffs for a short duration.
Eye of Agamotto - Glare of ConfusionIllusion Magic40.1 s26Creates an illusion to Confuse target and deal 201% continuous damage.
Astral Projection - Astral WalkTouch of the Vishanti11.9 s15Becomes ethereal and moves through enemies to deal 142% damage to enemies in a linear area and weaken them. Becomes invincible while ethereal.
Astral Projection - Soul PredatorTouch of the Vishanti11.4 s19Becomes ethereal and moves through enemies to deal 273% damage to enemies in a linear area and recover stamina relative to the number of enemies hit. Becomes invincible while ethereal.
Astral Projection - IllusionistTouch of the Vishanti40.1 s22Creates an illusion of himself to attack enemies.
Astral Projection - Avenging illusionIllusion Magic40.2 s23Creates an illusion of himself and provokes enemies. The illusion uses the Sword of Space Fragment to deal damage to nearby enemies.
Book of the Vishanti - Mystic PioneerMystic Arts9.2 s17Deals 202% damage to enemies in a straight line and pushes them back.
Book of the Vishanti - Magical AbsorptionTouch of the Vishanti14.0 s24Deals 304% damage to enemies in a straight line and recovers stamina relative to the humber of enemies hit.
Book of the Vishanti - Lessons of WisdomTouch of the Vishanti40.2 s21Casts a spell disc of time to decrease his and his allies' skill cooldown.
Book of the Vishanti - Vishanti AssaultMystic Arts20.6 s37Uses magic spells consecutively to deal 506% damage to enemies within range.
Eldritch Sword - Anti-Matter SwordIllusion Magic7.5 s15Summons a sword and throws it an enemy to deal 201% Bleed damage. Pushes the enemy back.
Eldritch Sword - Tao MandalasMystic Arts18.7 s33Creates multiple Tao Mandalas and throws at enemies to deal 482% damage.
Eldritch Sword - Bladed DefenseTouch of the Vishanti21.6 s17Summons a sword near himself and spins it fast to deal 527% damage to enemies.
Eldritch Sword - Vishanti's Sacred SwordMystic Arts21.5 s26Summons many swords behind himself, and sends them forward to deal 319% continuous damage to enemies.


Doctor Strange excels in damaging enemies from afar as well as buffing allies
Doctor Strange excels in damaging enemies from afar as well as buffing allies

“This hero can use various magic spells to support allies and take enemies down. Using his powerful magic and the power of ancient relics, he can control enemies’ movements from a distance and enhance his allies’ abilities from behind.”

We hope that this has helped you learn more about Doctor Strange. There are different other heroes that you can play as well in the game, so please check our other pages to see more about their profiles. You can only have a select number of heroes available on your free character slots, so knowing more about their gameplay can help you decide which ones you will be placing on your squad.

There are other features as well about Marvel Future Revolution that you might want to check. Feel free to see our guide menu to learn more about the game. If you have any questions, you can head over to our Answers Page and see if there is any information that can be helpful for you. Feel free to leave us a comment as well down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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