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MMORPGs provide players with different content such as game modes in order to provide some variety with what you can do. In Marvel Future Revolution, you can unlock different game modes under Operations which can be joined daily in order for you to get different rewards.

In this page, we’ll be checking what the Most Wanted operation has for you in the game. We’ll be checking how to unlock this mode, what the basics are, as well as the possible rewards that can be obtained. This is just one of the different operations you’ll be able to acquire as you progress through the game’s story, let us check what this mode has in store.

What is Most Wanted?

How to Unlock: Complete Epic Mission [2-48 Ultimate Betrayal]

Whenever you’re playing through the game’s story, you might notice that specific enemies in the game can appear and have announcements such as Kingpin in New Stark City. Enemies that spawn like that are prime targets that can be defeated in order for you to get more rewards.

In Marvel Future Revolution, the Most Wanted operation is a mode that lets you clear targets in order to get a set number of rewards daily. There are two types of targets that you can clear out in a region as well, and they have a specific number of reward counts that you can finish:

  • Normal Target Reward Count: 7/7

  • Prime Target Reward Count: 2/2

    Defeat specific targets to earn rewards
    Defeat specific targets to earn rewards

    Once you have unlocked this operation, you’ll get to have a daily target that you can take out. When logging in the game, Rocket Raccoon will provide you with today’s target, this can also be viewed when checking the Most Wanted interface. Aside from these, you can try to take out prime targets twice a day.

  • Most Wanted Rewards

    The rewards that you can get from Most Wanted will depend on the enemy type that you finish. Prime Targets give you more rewards, and there is a ranking system implemented, however they follow a pattern in terms of rewards.

    Prime Target rewards let you get 3 types of items accordingly. An Omega Card Box, a Med-Kit, as well as Gold. The rarity and amount that you get will depend on your ranking as well as the difficulty. As you unlock more regions in the game, you get better versions of these rewards.

    Normal Target rewards provide you with 1-2 pcs. of Omega Card Boxes related to the region, and this applies to all normal targets. Since you can only get a specific number of reward counts each day, you’ll want to take them out and maximize your rewards.

    How to play Most Wanted?

    In order to play Most Wanted, open its menu in operations to see which targets you have available. You can use the “See Location” button and then tap the map in order to go to the target’s area. From there, you can open up the mini-map in order to check for your most wanted targets.

    Check the location of your target and then tap on the map to go there
    Check the location of your target and then tap on the map to go there

    Normal targets will appear on the map with yellow icons, so go to their location and defeat them. You can finish all of your normal targets on the map first. Once they have been defeated, you’ll get your target capture reward.

    Use the icon to check which targets appeared, then you can use your map to go to their location
    Use the icon to check which targets appeared, then you can use your map to go to their location

    Prime targets will only appear on the map after a certain number of enemies are defeated such as all of your normal targets. This means that everyone on the map must work together and defeat other types of enemies and wait until the Prime target appears. Usually, you can check the world chat to see if people will let you know regarding the appearance of prime targets.

    Prime targets will appear by chance after defeating enemies on the map
    Prime targets will appear by chance after defeating enemies on the map

    Once you see all of your targets, you’ll simply need to defeat them in order to get your prize. Prime target rewards are ranked based on the number of participants who attack and contributed. Since there is a limit to the number of rewards, try to add this as part of your daily activity.

    The Omega Card boxes will help you become stronger in the long run, and the med-kits and gold rewards doesn’t hurt either. As you get stronger in the game, you’ll be able to clear these enemies faster.

    This concludes our page regarding the Most Wanted operation in Marvel Future Revolution. We hope that this has helped you learn more about this game mode. There are other operations that are available as well, so please look into the pages that we will have. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page to find If there’s useful information. We’d love to hear from you as well, you can leave us a comment below!

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