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MMORPGs provide players with different content such as game modes in order to provide some variety with what you can do. In Marvel Future Revolution, you can unlock different game modes under Operations which can be joined daily in order for you to get different rewards.

In this page, we’ll be checking what the Special Operations has for you in the game. We’ll be checking how to unlock this mode, what the basics are, as well as the possible rewards that can be obtained. This is just one of the different operations you’ll be able to acquire as you progress through the game’s story, let us check what this mode has in store.

What are Special Operations?

How to Unlock: Complete Epic Mission [2-55 Strength in Numbers]

There are different operations available with their own unique names in Marvel Future Revolution, however there is also a mode called Special Operations, and this lets you defeat waves of enemies with a specific schedule. When playing Special Operations, you will need to survive as a team with other players and fight hordes to survive.

There are different types of operations that are available, for example one operation lets you have a limit to how much deaths can occur in a Special Operation, and it’s shown in the bar above on the screen. Each death will be counted for the entire team, so you must do your best in order to survive. The enemies that you get to face will depend on the day of the week.

Complete specific tasks once a day with a team
Complete specific tasks once a day with a team

In order to view the available operations, press on the “Plans” button to see what’s in store. There is a specific schedule except for Sundays where a random operation will be provided. You can then press the magnifying glass button beside the operation’s title to learn more about the mechanics.

Special Operations Rewards

What kinds of rewards can you get from Special Operations then? There are two types of rewards that can be obtained. There is the daily reward which you will find on the “Complete Rewards” section, this contains the following items:

  • 50,000 Gold

  • 300 Squad Rank exp

  • SYN Particle

  • 1*-3* Core Box

  • Special Operations 1* - 3* Costume Box

    The costume box will be dependent on the type of special operation you complete for that day. Also, you will be able to claim the rewards once only until the reset time occurs, you’ll see the timer with the red text.

    Get more rewards by getting in the Weekly Rankings
    Get more rewards by getting in the Weekly Rankings

    The other set of rewards that you will be able to acquire is from the weekly ranking. If you check the ranking button beside the plans button, you will see the top players for the week. This list is refreshed every 10 minutes. You can check the reward list, and there will be specific rewards for the top 100 players, and then participation rewards for the rest of the player percentage. Based on your placement, you can get either of the following:

  • Special Operations 1* - 3* Costume Box

  • Special Operations 2* - 4* Costume Box

  • How to play Special Operations

    So how do you play the Special Operations? This will all depend on the current operation for the day, since they all have different mechanics. The main title will be shown to you on the upper left side, and you will be able to tap on the magnifying glass for more information.

    Tap the magnifying glass near the title to see the mechanics
    Tap the magnifying glass near the title to see the mechanics

    For example, here we have Sakaar Survival. The main goal here is for you to survive the enemy attacks that will come in waves. Tapping on the magnifying glass will let you learn the basics such as the revival counts, how to conduct first aid, and using items that will help you in battle.

    In order to be able to qualify for the weekly rankings, you will have to get the Best Player of the game. This means that getting the most damage and least deaths will help increase your score. Since the matchmaking process will put you in a team regardless of level, higher leveled players will have the better advantage.

    Complete the goal until the time is finished
    Complete the goal until the time is finished

    Completing your Special Operations will only require you to play this once a day, so it shouldn’t take much of your time. Getting the rewards will help with the growth of your squad rank, and the gold is useful in the long run.

    This concludes our page regarding the Special operations in Marvel Future Revolution. We hope that this has helped you learn more about this game mode. There are other operations that are available as well, so please look into the pages that we will have. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page to find If there’s useful information. We’d love to hear from you as well, you can leave us a comment below!

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