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In Marvel Future Revolution, there are different activities that you’ll be able to participate in such as playing the game’s story, performing different operations, as well as completing specific tasks. In this game, you can also play through different kinds of events that are available.

There are some events in the game that are available until you are able to complete them. You might notice that some events do not have a schedule, so they can be completed indefinitely. In this page, we’ll check the different kinds of events that you’ll be able to see. One of the indefinite events available is the Blitz Relay Challenge Event, let’s check what this is as well as the possible rewards that you can claim.

What is Blitz Relay Challenge?

When playing through the game’s story in Marvel Future Revolution, clearing Epic Mission [2-23 A Great Threat] will unlock a new game mode under Operations called Blitz. In this mode, you’ll get to challenge different bosses available in the game with respective level ranges. Clearing these bosses daily has a limit on how many times you can acquire rewards.

Aside from clearing them as part of your daily routine, the Blitz Relay Challenge is an event that provides you with rewards for clearing Blitz multiple times. When leveling up your Hero, one of the ways in order to get increased power is providing them with high leveled and high stared battle badges. The Blitz Relay challenge is a good way for you to get them.

Defeat bosses in Blitz a specific number of times to get your reward
Defeat bosses in Blitz a specific number of times to get your reward

Once you reach level 20, you should be able to get your first access to Blitz and fight Kingpin. Starting tasks will require you to defeat Blitz Bosses 3 times, then it will increase to 6 and then 9 depending on the difficulty that you choose. Thankfully, Blitz is a game mode that requires team work therefore you can get paired with players who are also strong even on the lower difficulties.

Event Rewards

When completing the bosses in the Blitz Relay Challenge event, you will be provided with a 5-Star Battle Badge Box with the corresponding level of the blitz. Starting out with level 20, and then getting the final as a level 100, this is a good way to make your Hero stronger.

You can consider this event something that will be completed in the longer term since you need to reach the proper level recommendations. So, make sure to level up your characters, and try to focus on one main. Here is the list of available Blitz operations as well as their rewards:

A King's ReturnDefeat Kingpin 3 timesLv. 20 5* Battle Badge Box
A Great ThreatDefeat M.O.D.O.K. 3 timesLv. 30 5* Battle Badge Box
Age of UltronDefeat Ultron 3 timesLv. 40 5* Battle Badge Box
Giant RiotDefeat Yellowjacket 6 timesLv. 50 5* Battle Badge Box
Red HandDefeat Red Skull 6 timesLv. 60 5* Battle Badge Box
Black InvaderDefeat Nebula 6 timesLv. 70 5* Battle Badge Box
Mad ScientistDefeat Arnim Zola 9 timesLv. 80 5* Battle Badge Box
Never-Ending WinterDefeat Laufey 9 timesLv. 90 5* Battle Badge Box
Command of The TyrantDefeat Maestro 9 timesLv. 100 5* Battle Badge Box

With different bosses available as well as increased difficulties, it would be best to avoid playing in auto mode once you reach higher blitz levels. Take note of enemy attacks and move out of their range in order to avoid massive damage. Soon enough, you’ll eventually complete the Blitz Relay Challenge Event!

We hope that this page has helped you learn more about this event. There are other events available in the game as well, so feel free to check them out. If you have any other questions, you can check our Answers Page to see if there’s useful information there. Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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