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In Marvel Future Revolution, there are different activities that you’ll be able to participate in such as playing the game’s story, performing different operations, as well as completing specific tasks. In this game, you can also play through different kinds of events that are available.

There are some events in the game that are available until you are able to complete them. You might notice that some events do not have a schedule, so they can be completed indefinitely. In this page, we’ll check the different kinds of events that you’ll be able to see. One of the indefinite events available is the Squad Rank Up Event, let’s check what this is as well as the possible rewards that you can claim.

What is Squad Rank Up?

Playing different heroes in Marvel Future Revolution lets you get to experience different play styles within one account. When starting out, you’ll be able to have four free hero slots, and you can unlock more later on through the in-game shop.

All of the heroes in your account belong to one squad, and you can gain squad EXP from all of your heroes collectively in order to increase your squad rank. In order to reward for your efforts in increasing your squad rank level, this event will provide you with rewards for your milestones that you have achieved.

Collect Rewards every 5 Squad ranks gained
Collect Rewards every 5 Squad ranks gained

There is only so much Squad EXP that you can claim from a single hero. If you have multiple heroes in one account, you can try to level them all up in order to gain rewards such as squad EXP. This event goes in tandem with the Hero Level Up event since you can gain squad exp there as well.

Event Rewards

So, what kinds of rewards can you get from the Squad Rank Up event? For every 5 ranks that you acquire, you can get three rewards per set. All rewards provide you with gold, some materials, as well as boxes, cores, or free crystals.

The rewards here may take time to complete since you will need a lot of Squad EXP in order to raise your squad rank. However, they are all worth it since they provide you with currencies and materials that will help your hero become stronger. Here is the list of all rewards available as well as their respective rank requirements:

Squad Rank1st Reward2nd Reward3rd Reward
Rank 550,000 GoldPym's Research Log x 203* Omega Card Box
Rank 1050,000 GoldStark's Blueprint x 25Free Crystal x 100
Rank 1550,000 GoldPym's Research Log x 30Core of Power
Rank 2050,000 GoldFury's Classified Data x 35Free Crystal x 100
Rank 2550,000 GoldStark's Blueprint x 403* Omega Card Box
Rank 3050,000 GoldPym's Research Log x 45Free Crystal x 100
Rank 3575,000 GoldFury's Classified Data x 50Core of Vitality
Rank 4075,000 GoldStark's Blueprint x 55Free Crystal x 100
Rank 4575,000 GoldPym's Research Log x 603* Omega Card Box
Rank 5075,000 GoldFury's Classified Data x 65Free Crystal x 100
Rank 5575,000 GoldStark's Blueprint x 70Core of Frenzy
Rank 6075,000 GoldPym's Research Log x 75Free Crystal x 100
Rank 65100,000 GoldFury's Classified Data x 803* Omega Card Box
Rank 70100,000 GoldStark's Blueprint x 85Free Crystal x 100
Rank 75100,000 GoldPym's Research Log x 90Core of Intensity
Rank 80100,000 GoldFury's Classified Data x 95Free Crystal x 100
Rank 85100,000 GoldStark's Blueprint x 1004* Omega Card Box
Rank 90100,000 GoldPym's Research Log x 105Free Crystal x 100
Rank 95100,000 GoldFury's Classified Data x 1104* Core Box
Rank 100100,000 GoldStark's Blueprint x 115Free Crystal x 100

Gold will eventually be challenging to come by since you will want to use it for making your character stronger, therefore the rewards that you can get from the Squad Rank Up will be beneficial for your account.

We hope that this page has helped you learn more about this event. There are other events available in the game as well, so feel free to check them out. If you have any other questions, you can check our Answers Page to see if there’s useful information there. Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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