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On the get go, the game pitches you to a post-apocalyptic setting where only 2% of the world's population survives. Basically, it started with the troublesome storm that unleashed a destructive army of zombie-like creatures called husks. Being the resilient creatures that we are, the remaining population takes on the new found difficulties of surviving.

In the game, people found ways to outlast these storms, fortify small encampments, and generally live a chaotic life along with the husks. The player gets inserted as one of the commanders detailed in one of the encampments, on a mission to collect resources, and search for other survivors -- to gradually expand these storm-shelters.

Currently, Fortnite's Battle Royale mode is the only thing ported for the mobile platform. This is due to its heavy player demand, player retention, and probably because it does not require as much computing power and resources to play compared to that of its cooperative player-versus-environment "Save the World" mode. For one thing, the installation space required by the Battle Royale mode alone is a whooping 2GB.

The original "Save the World" mode (its campaign) is a co-op sandbox survival game -- where players are able to explore, scavenge for weapons and craft materials, and basically build everything from scratch, in preparation for an incoming wave of zombie-like enemy creatures. From this basic concept was the game's Battle Royale got re-imagined and lends the idea of enabling players to scour for materials and build stuff like a full-fledged sand-box game -- all while trying to fight / fend off other players.

When participating in the battles, players can make their towers, fortifications, or trap bunkers from one of three base materials; wood, brick, or metal. Not limited to this, they could also make use of the scavenged materials to build walls, stairs, or ramps to generally help players in various ways throughout the battle.

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