Where is a Good Drop-off Point in the Map?

Where is a Good Drop-off Point in the Map?
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Where is a Good Drop-off Point in the Map?
Answering this question is difficult as there are different types of play or approach to how you get started in the game. For instance, our type of play is being covert and keeping a low-profile for as long as possible. With that goal in mind, we tend to avoid confrontation as much as possible, and focus on gathering resources in order to get ourselves a legendary item using a vending machine. That said, our particular picks for drop-off points are Moisty Mire, or Wailing Woods -- and for these particular reasons:

Moisty Mire / Prison

Moisty Mire is one of the most promising areas to land in. For one thing, the prison sits right next to it -- which would generally be a good place to scour for chests, and with that, the collection of weapons and other important items to help you survive.

If your strategy is to farm for building materials first, Moisty Mire is also a good place to scavenge wood as the place is literally swamped with trees -- not to mention that it isn't particularly a favorite drop spot by the majority of players, which means it would be most likely be a safe place to farm.

Depending on your luck and the direction of the storm, there are several options to check for Vending Machines in this general area too. Since you'd probably filled up your stockpile of wood and stone in this area, a purchase of a legendary item isn't a bad secondary objective at all.

Where is a Good Drop-off Point in the Map?(The image above highlights the two good areas to start in the game, that are recommended for our type of play. The blue dots indicate the ideal landing spots, and the red dots indicate the usual locations of the vending machines which you'd probably go to next in order to purchase legendary items from the resources that you've just collected)

Wailing Woods (Northeast Tower)

For generally the same good reason, we pick wailing woods as another good starting point. Specifically, the tower on the northeast of it. The reason is that this place usually houses lots of chests and basically stuff to loot.

Again, if your strategy is to farm for building materials, Wailing Woods would be a good alternative to Moisty Mire for its lush forest surrounded by trees. If this is your option though, just make sure to head you landing towards the northeast tower fast as you can since a lot of people tend to rush over there as well. On that note, this place isn't as safe as that of Moisty Mire to scavenge for building materials.

Nonetheless, if you still decide to land here, make sure you get to the top of the tower, and from there break you way through the floors to earn brick resources by doing this, and at the same time, you dont miss out on any chest or item to find there. When you got your fair share of resources, try to find a vending machine nearby to exchange them for legendary items.

Other players tend to choose a more aggressive game-plan, aiming to arm themselves to their armpits from the start of the game. Good drop-off spots for this type play calls for high traffic, high loot volume areas in the game like Fatal Fields, Greasy Grove, or Pleasant Park. Take note though that since these are high traffic areas, expect a fearsome number of encounters and the high probability of failing early in the game. If you're confident with your skills though, choosing these spots as your entry points and surviving the first few minutes of holocaust, you'll be armed for mayhem.

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