Is There an Easy Way to Win the Battle Royale?

Is There an Easy Way to Win the Battle Royale?
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Is There an Easy Way to Win the Battle Royale?
There isn't a direct solution to this problem as winning is highly reliant on skill, luck, and patience. The tips to find in this guide can only help one to at least get better at surviving the first half of the game. If you're accustomed to having unique buffing benefits from IAPs in other games, you'll probably find that this isn't the case with this game as all purchasable items here are purely cosmetics.

Out of all the tips of to find in this guide though, the most important one to remember is that this game do not reward players with the most number of kills. Instead, the simplest and most effective strategy is to avoid confrontations as much as possible.

Honing your skills to be (at the very least) capable in gunfights will come in handy on the latter part of the battle where engaging or being engaged by other players is imminent.

You might also want to check on the weapons sections of this guide to give you an introduction to the different varieties that are available in the game -- to help you pick a better weapon for your type of play, or at least know which a weapon is viable for every type of situation.

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