Why are Weapons in Different Colors?

Why are Weapons in Different Colors?
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Why are Weapons in Different Colors?

If you have played a similar FPS game, you might know the reason for the different colors of weapons. However, if you are particularly new to this game genre, there is a good reason for this and as follows:

Color Grades of Weapons:

Grey - Common

Green - Uncommon

Blue - Rare

Pink/Purple - Epic

Gold/Yellow - Legendary

Why are Weapons in Different Colors?

The color or "Rarity" of a weapon primarily distinguishes its basics stats. What this means is that the higher the rarity a weapon, the better weapon it is. However, the higher the grade a weapon has makes it harder to actually acquire it. Nonetheless, if you are seriously looking out for a legendary weapon, the highest probability of acquiring one is thru purchasing one from the vending machines (check the Vending Machines section of this guide).

Well if you are talking about numbers, a higher grade weapon simply means it is better in all aspects compared to a common one or to its less-rare counterpart. This mainly affects the overall damage of the weapon or sometimes its fire rate. Other than that, it can also lend you a bit of help when easing-in on your targets (better bullet drop rate, or spraying).

Weapons in the battle-royale tend to be concentrated in labeled points of interest in the map (as seen before you jump from the bus). These are the small towns, or old big compounds with lots of abandoned warehouses. The hillside will tend to have some chests as well although not as concentrated as on usually high-traffic locations.

Hope this helps!

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